Thrilling new series MaveriX forefronts teen grit, courage, and teamwork

Students aged 10 to 14 will love this high adrenaline drama series, in which six young motocross riders come together to form a team and make the national titles – or crash out trying. 

Announcing the 2022 My Place Competition

Pull out your planners: the My Place Competition returns in Term Three. 

Meet our sound designers

We are very pleased to introduce the two sound design creatives who will share their craft in our next virtual workshop, ‘Sound design: The power to simulate world building’.

Bias-breaking girls represented in Australian kids’ TV

Unconscious bias starts a young age and is informed partly by the stories that we engage with. The female characters depicted in children’s screen stories can help the audience understand and embrace the diversity of girls and women in ‘real life’.

Explore gender representations with Mustangs FC

Mustangs FC is a goal kicking comedy drama about girls who abandon the sidelines to start their local football club’s first all-female team. Our comprehensive teaching resource contains engaging lesson plans for primary and secondary classrooms.

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