How-to Guide

My Place Competition

Since 2018, the ACTF has delivered an annual student writing competition based on the themes in My Place, encouraging thousands of students across Australia to reflect on and write about place, community and history.

 This year, we encourage schools to run their own My Place Competition.

 Where should we start?

  1. Choose a submission timeframe that complements your school’s calendar, upcoming units of work and required assessments.
  2. Determine the theme for your competition, if applicable. (For example, ‘Play and Imagination’, ‘Change and Continuity’.)
  3. Decide which year levels will be eligible to enter.
  4. Set word limits and any other entry requirements for students.
  5. Communicate the key dates, theme, categories, word limits and other information to your school community through teachers, student leaders, assemblies, newsletters and posters.
  6. Access writing rubrics and other support materials below.
  7. Teachers could use the provided rubrics to guide judging if your school will be selecting winners. Schools could invite a local dignitary or respected community member to judge the final short list.

Writing Rubrics

Support Materials


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