Looking for Levity?

These lighthearted kids’ series and short films will give students (and teachers!) a laugh.

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NITV Kids’ Programming: ‘Be inspired by stories from the world’s oldest living culture’

Every year on 4 August, National Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Children’s Day celebrates the strengths and culture of First Nations children. Teachers, explore this year’s theme of ‘Proud in culture, strong in spirit’ with NITV programs for children of all ages.

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Engaging Kids’ Content to Build Science Understandings

Are you looking for fun, simple, and freely available science investigations for your students? Or screen content that provokes classroom conversations about science topics? Here are our top picks for 2021 Science Week.

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ICYMI: My Place Competition Returns for 2021

Year 3-6 students are invited to submit their creative writing entries from 16 August – 17 September.

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Student Webinar: Writing about Our Diverse History with Nadia Wheatley

Primary teachers, inspire your young writers with this upcoming ACMI Education X ACTF webinar.

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