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Dance Academy - Series 2 - The Red Shoes

Today 8:31pm

Saturday, 23 September

Dance Academy - Series 2The Red ShoesABCME8:31pm

Sunday, 24 September

Hoopla DooplaUpsy DaisyABC210:27am
Little LunchThe Milk BarABCME11:35am
You're Skitting Me - Series 3ABCME12:52pm
Balloon BarnyardHot DayDisney2:47pm
Dukes of Broxstonia - Series 3Dukes in Space/Robot Bouncer ABCME3:26pm
Bushwhacked! - Series 3Wedge-Tailed EagleABCME4:38pm
Dance Academy - Series 3GlueABCME8:32pm

Monday, 25 September

Bushwhacked!Grey Nurse SharkNITV6:00am
Bushwhacked!Funnel Web SpiderNITV7:30am
Hoopla DooplaBig SquidgieABC210:27am
Balloon BarnyardRainy DayDisney3:12pm
Bushwhacked! - Series 3Pygmy CrocsABCME4:38pm
Dance Academy - Series 3New RulesABCME8:32pm

Tuesday, 26 September

Bushwhacked!Tiger SnakeNITV7:30am
Hoopla DooplaShadowplayABC210:27am
Balloon BarnyardHiccup DayDisney3:12pm
Bushwhacked! - Series 3Humpback WhaleABCME4:38pm
Dance Academy - Series 3Second ChancesABCME8:32pm

Wednesday, 27 September

Hoopla DooplaZap's Alarm ClockABC210:27am
Balloon BarnyardGrassy DayDisney3:12pm
Dance Academy - Series 3Short Cut ClauseABCME8:32pm

Thursday, 28 September

Hoopla DooplaHiccupsABC210:27am
Balloon BarnyardHarvest DayDisney3:12pm
Dance Academy - Series 3Negitave PatternsABCME8:32pm

Friday, 29 September

Hoopla DooplaThe Dough MonsterABC210:27am
Balloon BarnyardCold DayDisney3:12pm
Dance Academy - Series 3Fake it Until You Make ItABCME8:32pm

Saturday, 30 September

Waabiny Time - Series 1Colours and NumbersNITV8:00am
Balloon BarnyardHide and Seek DayDisney2:47pm

Sunday, 1 October

Balloon BarnyardPaint DayDisney2:47pm