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Hoopla Doopla - Squidgie's Picnic

Today 6:37am

Thursday, 21 March

Hoopla DooplaSquidgie's PicnicABC26:37am
Waabiny Time - Series 1Family and FriendsNITV3:00pm
Bushwhacked!Tasmanian DevilNITV3:54pm
You're Skitting Me - Series 3ABCME8:51pm
Dance Academy - Series 1HeatwaveABCME9:05pm

Friday, 22 March

Hoopla DooplaSticky SituationABC26:37am
Lockie Leonard - Series 2 PartyABCME10:00am
Waabiny Time - Series 1HealthNITV3:00pm
Bushwhacked!Funnel Web SpiderNITV3:54pm

Saturday, 23 March

Hoopla DooplaJango the JokerABC26:37am
Balloon BarnyardRace DayDisney10:20am
You're Skitting Me - Series 3ABCME8:51pm
Dance Academy - Series 1The Deep EndABCME9:05pm

Sunday, 24 March

Hoopla DooplaMagic CoatABC26:37am
Balloon BarnyardCubbyhouse DayDisney10:20am
You're Skitting Me - Series 3ABCME8:51pm
Dance Academy - Series 1Learning to Fly - Part 2ABCME9:05pm

Monday, 25 March

Hoopla DooplaMimi's Perfect PieABC26:37am
Dance Academy - Series 2In the Middle, Somewhat ElevevatedABCME9:02am
Waabiny Time - Series 1Day and NightNITV3:00pm
Bushwhacked!Tiger SnakeNITV3:54pm

Tuesday, 26 March

Hoopla DooplaZap's Special DeliveryABC26:37am
Dance Academy - Series 2DreamlifeABCME9:02am
Waabiny Time - Series 1CelebrateNITV3:00pm

Wednesday, 27 March

Hoopla DooplaHula HooplaABC26:37am
Dance Academy - Series 2Faux Pas De DeuxABCME9:02am
My Place 2DaveyABCME10:50am
Waabiny Time - Series 1Traditional ToolsNITV3:00pm
Bushwhacked!Honey AntsNITV3:54pm

Thursday, 28 March

Hoopla DooplaBop's Clumsy DayABC26:37am
Dance Academy - Series 2LegendsABCME9:02am
Waabiny Time - Series 1FeelingsNITV3:00pm
Bushwhacked!Great White SharksNITV3:54pm

Friday, 29 March

Hoopla DooplaZap Gets StuckABC26:37am
Lockie Leonard - Series 2 Enter the MermaidABCME10:00am
Waabiny Time - Series 1Seasons and WeatherNITV3:00pm

Saturday, 30 March

Hoopla DooplaTomato TroubleABC26:37am
Dance Academy - Series 2ShowcaseABCME9:02am
Balloon BarnyardMagic DayDisney10:20am

Sunday, 31 March

Hoopla DooplaMidnight MuncherABC26:37am
Dance Academy - Series 2Like No One's WatchingABCME9:02am
Balloon BarnyardHot DayDisney10:20am

Monday, 1 April

Hoopla DooplaZiggy's Hidden TalentABC26:37am
Dance Academy - Series 2A Choreographed LifeABCME9:02am
Waabiny Time - Series 1PlaytimeNITV3:00pm
Bushwhacked!Saltwater CrocNITV3:54pm

Tuesday, 2 April

Hoopla DooplaBop And The ButterflyABC26:37am
Dance Academy - Series 2ConnectivityABCME9:02am
Waabiny Time - Series 1Colours and NumbersNITV3:00pm
Bushwhacked!Grey Nurse SharkNITV3:54pm