Discounts and Purchase Orders

Discount Code

In some circumstances the ACTF offers certain groups discounts for particular items. If you are eligible for a discount you will have already been given a discount code. Please enter that code in the Discount Code box and the relevant discount will be calculated accordingly.

‘Dare to Lead’ Discount

Dare to Lead is a Commonwealth funded national project with a focus on improving educational outcomes for Indigenous students. Dare to Lead schools commit to improving the educational outcomes of all Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students, and also to ensuring that all their students develop an informed understanding of Australia's Indigenous people and their cultures, and of the importance of the reconciliation process.

The ACTF supports all Dare to Lead schools with a 20% discount off the original price of all indigenous titles, available from the Education Catalogue. To obtain your discount, please enter the promotion code into the box provided, when finalising your shop purchase. This code is available via Dare to Lead, or by contacting the ACTF.

Click here to see a full list of all Dare to Lead schools or to apply for a membership.

Purchase Order Number

Please enter in this box your internally generated purchase order number, if applicable. This is not a compulsory item and is offered to assist you in tracking the purchase in your own systems.