Development funding can be used for script development (workshops, storylines, scripts), creation of series bibles, character designs, animation tests and pilots. We also provide considerable non-financial support to funding recipients, including feedback on project materials, advice on the market for children’s screen content, mentoring and guidance.

We assess projects on a range of criteria, including the project’s originality and quality, the strength and expertise of the creative team, its market potential and its potential to engage young audiences.

The ACTF invests in productions via a distribution advance (where we invest against international sales and take on the distribution of a project) or via an equity investment, or a combination of both.

Sometimes the ACTF is a major financial contributor to a project, with a distribution advance that represents significant market support for the program. In these circumstances the ACTF will be very involved in every aspect of the production. On other occasions the ACTF provides a smaller contribution to fill a gap in the finance plan to enable a project which is almost financed to get made.