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Please see below for any current employment opportunities at the ACTF. 


Unpaid short internships for university courses

We can sometimes accommodate a short internship which is officially required as part of a course of study for a relevant tertiary degree (e.g. screenwriting, communications, education). Places are limited to 2 or 3 a year and it is essential that applicants understand that the ACTF is not a production company and does not offer “on set” or production experience. Please look carefully at this website and what we do before making an enquiry and sending your CV to info@actf.com.au. You will need to explain why you have chosen the ACTF for your internship, what the course requirements are and when you would like to undertake the internship.

Paid internships for recent graduates and or/early career professionals

We provide paid 16-week internships to emerging producers or writer/producers. These positions have been filled for the 2022/2023 financial year. Watch this space or follow us on social media to see whether there is a call for new applications mid-2023. 

Work Experience

We are not currently taking applications for work experience.

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