Queensland Premier’s Reading Challenge Update
11 May 2017

Queensland Premier’s Reading Challenge Update

We are happy to announce that Little Lunch: Triple Snack Pack by Danny Katz and Mitch Vane has been included on the Years 3-5 booklist for the 2017 Queensland Premier’s Reading Challenge. This engaging book contains three new stories based on the popular children's TV series, Little Lunch. The hilarious stories are based in a primary school, and are perfect for reluctant readers.

Fans of the Little Lunch books and TV series will also love the Q&A Webinar with author Danny Katz and illustrator Mitch Vane on our YouTube channel. Filmed at the ACTF office, this webinar gave primary students the opportunity to ask Danny and Mitch about their experiences in creating Little Lunch, and how they turned their books into the TV series that followed.

We have broken down this YouTube video into individual questions and answers, meaning that teachers can jump straight to the topics which interest their students most. Do you want to hear about Mitch Vane’s favourite authors as a child? Or which Little Lunch character Danny Katz relates to most? Just click on the related questions to hear their answers!

The reading period for this year’s Queensland Premier’s Reading Challenge commences on 15 May.