The Girl From Tomorrow - Series 2 - Tomorrow's End


When Alana’s friend, Jenny, is injured in a battle with the evil Silverthorn, Alana takes her to the future to be healed.

There, they find that the time travel experiments being conducted by Alana’s people are changing history. Alana takes Jenny home to her own time, but when she returns to the 31st Century, she finds time has changed and the planet is completely devastated.


Episode 1
Jenny wakes to find herself in a featureless, white room. She thinks she is dead until Alana arrives and informs her friend that she has been recovering from her injuries for four weeks. Jenny is worried about what her mother must be thinking, but Alana reminds her how time travel works.

Episode 2
2500: The Time Capsule materialises in the derelict building and Lorien informs Silverthorn that he is home. He pleads that it is too dangerous for him to move around the city without weapons and dressed in such strange clothes. He begs Lorien and Alana to escort him with their Transducers to a safer place. Lorien reluctantly agrees and tells Jenny to remain inside the Capsule until they return.

Episode 3
3000: Alana drags Lorien into the Capsule. Lorien quickly orders the Capsule Computer to return them to the moment they left 2500, minus 10 minutes.

2500: The Capsule rematerialises in Nik’s building. Inside the Capsule, as they regain their strength, Lorien realises that her worst fears have eventuated – experimenting with time travel has brought about a catastrophic anomaly in the time continuum. Lorien guesses that some action brought about by time travel has caused the Great Disaster of 2500 to destroy the whole world, not just the Northern Hemisphere. Silverthorn must be responsible. Lorien explains she has brought the Capsule back to a point in time just before they dropped off Silverthorn. They must follow him and prevent him destroying the world.

Episode 4
Alana and Nik go to Silverthorn’s hideout and find that Silverthorn and Macro have constructed the Time Gate. Silverthorn successfully tests it but Macro warns that they can only operate the device for short periods. Silverthorn orders his men to follow him with the Time Gate.

Episode 5
2500: Inside the Globecorp building, Draco demands that Silverthorn give him the secret of the Time Gate or he will be muddied. Silverthorn reveals that he is the only one who can operate it. He offers to share the profits in the water trade.

1990: Jenny and Petey arrive at the toy warehouse to return the robot. A new sign outside reads: “Eddie’s Pools – Opening Soon”. They break in.

Episode 6
2500: In the Globecorp building, Petey convinces Draco he is from the past. Draco realises that Petey’s knowledge of the past is a valuable asset and orders Vance to take good care of him. Jenny, Nik and Alana plan to rescue Petey and Lorien. Jenny returns PJ to Alana.

Episode 7
2500: Petey is surprised and relieved to see Alana enter. He tells her about Silverthorn, the Time Gate and the nuclear weapons as he pilots the drone back to the room. Alana realises this is how the world gets destroyed. They have to stop Silverthorn. Alana uses PJ to call up the plans to the building. She locates an exit in the basement which is not observed by security cameras.

Episode 8
2500: The Globecorp guard is overpowered by Nik, Alana and Jenny. They escape into the city. Niks leads Alana, Lorien and Petey to Maeve’s bunker. Jenny shows off with the prototype Transducer. Nik is very proud of her until Alana gives an extraordinary demonstration of its power. Nik is astounded. Alana uses the Transducer to heal Lorien’s wounds but she is unable to free her mind from the moddie influence. She is distressed by her failure and Nik tries to comfort her. Jenny is jealous of the attention he is showing her. Petey keeps insisting that they make sure that the Time Capsule is safe. Alana argues that they should stop Silverthorn first. Petey throws a tantrum. Trying to keep the peace, Nik suggests they check the Capsule on the way to Silverthorn’s HQ.

Episode 9
1990: Jenny desperately tries to convince the policeman that the van’s accelerator had stuck. When Silverthorn can't produce a licence, the policeman becomes suspicious - then he recognises Jenny’s name. Irene has reported Jenny and Petey missing. Jenny tries to fabricate a story but the policeman is not convinced. When Silverthorn offers him a hefty bribe, the policeman orders them all from the limo. Alana creates a diversion, then melts the police car’s tyres with the Transducer and Silverthorn roars off, leaving Nik and Jenny behind.

Episode 10
1990: Nik steals a bicycle and manages to ride erratically after Draco’s truck. At Eddie’s pool shop, Nik stops the bicycle by crashing it into a wall. He sneaks to the window and peers in. He is amazed to see himself and Jenny defending the Time Gate against Draco and his men.

Episode 11
1990: Silverthorn plays the wealthy film producer with a bag full of money. The manager clears the floor for them. The Capsule is brought to the office in the lift. It is the subject of much derision from people who don’t think it looks anything like a time machine.

2500: Jenny uses PJ to escape from the modification chamber but has to leave Petey behind.

Episode 12
2500: In the control room, Silverthorn realises his plan has failed. Then he remembers he can escape to the past via the Time Gate. With modern weapons, he should be invincible. Draco does a deal with Silverthorn and they lock Alana, Jenny and Nik in the control room. On the screens, Jenny, Nik and Alana watch the second spaceship start to change course.

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Running Time
12 x 24 mins

Production Company
Film Australia


Drama, Fantasy, Live Action, Science Fiction