Film Australia / Telewizjca Polska , 1995

Spellbinder follows the adventures of urban teenager, Paul Reynolds, who finds himself accidentally stranded in a parallel world. It's a world where the industrial revolution never happened and people live simple lives in rustic villages. They are ruled by the Spellbinders, who use magical powers to manipulate people's fear and ignorance. New ideas are not allowed.

Spellbinderis a compelling science fiction (SF) fantasy drama series, with particular appeal to middle years students.The series and its online educational resources can be used to explore SF and fantasy genres, while tackling complex science and technology concepts.

SF and fantasy are popular genres, offering an exciting and rich range of genre conventions for exploration in the classroom. Spellbinder is a strong example of both genres. Written by John Thompson and Mark Shirrefs, the series was filmed in Australia and Poland, with its spectacular medieval castles and forests. This award winning series of 26 x 30 minute episodes was produced by Film Australia.

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