The Girl From Tomorrow - Series 1


Alana, a 13-year-old girl from the year 3000, is thrown back to our 'strange and primitive' modern day world when a time travel experiment goes wrong.

Silverthorn, a fugitive warlord thrown back in time with Alana, steals the time capsule which is Alana’s only hope of returning home. Alana, with the help of only her personal wrist computer P.J. and her new friends Jenny and Petey, must battle Silverthorn for control of the capsule, or be stranded forever - a thousand years from home.


Episode 1
In the year 3000.... Alana is being trained in the use of the Transducer by her guardian, Tulista. Alana is unable to concentrate on her exercises. She is worried that Tulista, who is about to test the newly-developed Time Machine, will not return safely from the past. Alana becomes emotional and is unable to control the immense power of her Transducer. 

Episode 2
On her first morning in this new world, Alana awakes in an unfriendly inner city street. She realises that she is stranded in a barbaric era about which she knows nothing. Startled by a low flying jetliner, Alana panics and runs. Meanwhile, at the Kelly Deli, Irene wakes Jenny and tells her to open the shop while she prepares for her driving lesson. Jenny is cranky and picks on Petey.

Episode 3
Jenny pushes Alana out of the path of the advancing bulldozer. Alana is knocked unconscious. Jenny wipes the blood from her head and tries unsuccessfully to revive her. She runs for help. Irene returns to the deli to find it locked up. She grills Petey, who spills the beans about Jenny’s absence.

Episode 4
Petey arrives at his school in the morning and is ambushed by a gang of bullies. They want the cornchips from his lunch. One of the gang is worried about being caught, but the leader knows Petey steals the cornchips from his mum’s shop and won’t dare tell. A tearful Petey boasts that he and his alien space girl, who is secretly living at his house, will get them with her laser guns and battle armour. The bullies laugh at him.

Episode 5
As the limo drives away with Alana, Jenny tells Petey to run home and tell mum. Jenny chases after the car on her bicycle. Inside the limo, Alana asks Silverthorn about the Time Capsule. He tells her it has been destroyed so they are both marooned in this time. Alana is devastated. Silverthorn tells Alana that they must stick together. He observes how stupid and greedy the people are of this time. He opens a briefcase and shows her wads of money. Silverthorn waves a sheet of computer printout and says he has the key to success in this world. He tells the driver to pull over.

Episode 6
At school, in computer class, James has to show Alana how to turn on her computer. He calls Jenny over and asks her to help Alana. James explains to the class how computers have revolutionised the storage of information. For example, any police car can instantly check if a vehicle has been stolen by accessing the Motor Registration Branch computers. Jenny asks James if the school computers could do the same thing. James tells her that they would need the access code.

Episode 7
Alana, Jenny and Petey stake out Silverthorn’s office. As the limo drives away, Petey calls Jenny on his walkie-talkie and tells her that Silverthorn is on his way. Jenny waits on her bicycle until she sees Silverthorn’s limo. She follows it, weaving through the heavy traffic to catch up with the limo at sets of red lights. Eventually, one set of lights stays green and the limo powers away. A frustrated Jenny is left behind.

Episode 8
Petey hurls his cricket ball through a front window of the house. Silverthorn and Eddie run outside looking for trouble. Alana scrambles out of the Capsule and Jenny presses the hidden switch. The shelves slide back, covering the Capsule. Jenny and Alana make their escape.

Episode 9
Reporters crowd outside the deli, wanting to interview “the girl from tomorrow”. Upstairs, Alana is panicking because she can’t find PJ. Carla arrives and tells her they are running late. Mark and Irene hustle Alana, Jenny and Petey out of the shop and through the crowd of reporters. Mark smugly declares that his program has exclusive rights to Alana. Irene loads the kids into the car.

Episode 10
At the girls' home, Silverthorn claims that Alana is his runaway, schizophrenic daughter. Alana protests, but Silverthorn has all the papers necessary to prove his claim.

Episode 11
After dark the family prepares for Alana’s rescue. Petey enters, wearing commando gear and carrying a bag full of equipment. He is told to stay home. When they arrive, Jenny uses PJ to open the electronic lock on Silverthorn’s gates. James runs around the back of the house, leaving a nervous Irene to drive to the front door.

Episode 12
The family decides to fortify the garage and keep Silverthorn at bay until Alana can return to her own time. Jenny hammers boards over the garage windows. Alana welds up the metal doors with the Transducer. Petey sets up some booby traps in the backyard. When the fortifications are complete, everyone gathers in the garage to farewell Alana. The emotional scene is interrupted by someone trying to open the garage door from the outside. Footsteps are heard retreating and everyone breathes a sigh of relief. Then the shop bell rings. James accompanies Irene to answer it.

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Running Time
12 x 24 mins

Production Company
Film Australia


Drama, Fantasy, Live Action, Science Fiction


1990 New York Film & TV Festival
Finalist; Youth Series