Johnson and Friends - Series 3


Johnson and his friends are toys who live in Michael’s messy bedroom. It is the ordinary sort of bedroom that any child might have but to the toys, it is a huge challenging world full of mystery, adventure and wonder.

The toys find their adventures everywhere, and in the process learn about friendship, co-operation, and respect for each other’s feelings. 

An internationally acclaimed series for preschoolers, nominated for two International Emmy Awards.


Episode 1
Diesel tries to Fly

Episode 2
Dinosaur Tracks

Episode 3
The Pink Thread

Episode 4
Melissa’s Dinosaur

Episode 5
Diesel Who?

Episode 6
The Home Coming

Episode 7
The Three Little Pigs

Episode 8
Disappearing Act

Episode 9
Growing Up

Episode 10
The Flood

Episode 11
The Toy Orchestra

Episode 12
The Money Box

Episode 13
The Toy Hospital

Episode 14
A Trip to the Moon

Episode 15
The Loose Tooth

Episode 16
The Fancy Dress Party

Episode 17
The Art Exhibition

Episode 18
Finders Keepers

Episode 19
Leaving Home

Episode 20
Sock Soup

Episode 21
The Train Conductor

Episode 22
The Fun Run

Episode 23
The Crying Baby

Episode 24
Bringing Up Baby

Episode 25
Going Away

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Johnson and Friends - Series Trailer


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Running Time
25 x 10 mins

Production Company
Film Australia / ABC / Avalon Studios / Fuji Eight


Preschool, Suited Characters