Johnson and Friends - Series 2


Johnson and his friends are toys who live in Michael’s messy bedroom.  It is the ordinary sort of bedroom that any child might have but to the toys, it is a huge challenging world full of mystery, adventure and wonder.  The toys find their adventures everywhere, and in the process learn about friendship, co-operation, and respect for each other’s feelings. 

An internationally acclaimed series for preschoolers, nominated for two International Emmy Awards.


Episode 1
The Camping Trip

Johnson and Friends go camping in the great outdoors indoors!

Episode 2

McDuff had a secret and the toys were desperate to know what it was. Would she ever tell?

Episode 3

Alfred was homeless and had nowhere to go – how could the toys keep him from being thrown away?

Episode 4
Battle of the Bed

On top of the bed Alfred lorded it over the whole room as the toys prepared their battle plans.

Episode 5
Crying Wolf

Diesel loved playing nasty tricks and the toys had to teach him a lesson he’d never forget.

Episode 6
A Case of Trust

McDuff had lost her medal. Who had taken it? All the toys were under suspicion.

Episode 7
Being Good

When Diesel tried to be good, the bedroom was in greater danger than usual.

Episode 8
Baby of the Family

Squeaky was the strongest toy in the bedroom but a real baby – how could the toys keep her safe?

Episode 9
Stage Fright

There was a show under the bed. It started that night and all the toys had STAGEFRIGHT!

Episode 10
Blast Off
Michael had to go to hospital and Johnson wanted to go with him – but how?

Episode 11
The Birthday Party

When the toys organised a surprise birthday party for Johnson, they forgot to tell him – disaster.

Episode 12
The Big Freeze

It was the coldest day in Michael’s bedroom ever and the toys just had to get warm… somehow.

Episode 13
Operation Squeaky

Johnson and his friends wanted to fix Squeaky’s circuits but they didn’t know how.

Episode 14
Buried Treasure

The toys sail the seven seas of Michael’s bedroom in search of buried treasure.

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Running Time
14 x 10 mins

Production Company
Film Australia / ABC / Avalon Studios / Fuji Eight


Preschool, Suited Characters


Bronze Award Winner: USA Houston Film Festival

Best Children’s Series Finalist: USA Emmy Awards (USA)

Selected: Canada Banff Television Festival (Canada)