Lift Off! - Series 2


Lift Off! is an innovative program - based on current theories of child development - that educates, while it entertains.

The focus of each episode is a live-action storyline about a group of young children, who share a world of fun and imagination. Their stories reflect the joys (and occasional sorrows) of growing up, and show us the wonder of new experiences. Interspersed throughout the live-action storyline is a variety of short animation, puppetry and documentary segments.

Lift Off! stimulates children on many levels, giving them songs, stories, word games, play and fantasy in each episode. It features a cast of funny and enchanting characters, such as EC - the magical rag doll, who is a confidante to the children; Rocky - the frilled neck lizard explorer; Lotis – an intelligent elevator; and Mr Fish – the building caretaker, obsessed with rules and regulations. Lift Off! never underestimates the young child’s capacity to think, imagine, understand, question and learn.


Episode 1 Brand New - Part 1 

The Pontis arrive, just in time for Marco to help Nipper to learn to rollerblade. 

Episode 2 Brand New - Part 2 

Friendships are tested, when Aku & Marco start rival gangs. 

Episode 3 Under Pressure - Part 1

Terry the Tortoise helps Nipper come out of his shell to deliver his talk to the class.

Episode 4 Under Pressure - Part 2

Kim would do anything to be Princess in the school play, even trade EC. 

Episode 5 What’s Missing? - Part 1

Max's luck has run out, so he returns for his lucky charm - but, Mr Fish is in the way.

Episode 6 What’s Missing? - Part 2

Aku misses her mum and takes it out on her dad. 

Episode 7 My World - Part 1

When Gran does canteen duty at school, Poss is convinced her world will fall apart. 

Episode 8 My World - Part 2

Annie & Raph sneak off, and find themselves in 'Italy'. 

Episode 9 Would I Lie? - Part 1

Marco and Aku realise little lies can grow out of control. 

Episode 10 Would I Lie? - Part 2

Raph goes to great lengths (and heights!) to prove he can keep a secret. 

Episode 11 Give and Take - Part 1

Cousin Pirili arrives, in time to help Aku solve her pumpkin problems. 

Episode 12 Give and Take - Part 2

Aunt Joyce's exhibition is almost ruined, when Pirili hides one of her paintings. 

Episode 13 Far Out - Part 1

Raph wants to catch an eclipse, while Marco wants to miss the dentist. 

Episode 14 Far Out - Part 2

Annie finds the cow that jumps over the moon, so Kim and Aku build a rocket to send it back. 

Episode 15 Out of This World - Part 1

Aku's goldfish, Herbie, is gone (but not forgotten), when he returns to haunt the plumbing.

Episode 16 Out of This World - Part 2

The contents of a mysterious crate send imaginations running wild. 

Episode 17 Shape I’m In - Part 1

Nipper's worried about Gran's health, until he spends a day trying to keep up with her. 

Episode 18 Shape I’m In - Part 2

Nipper pretends to be sick to get a day off school, and Poss isn't happy about it. 

Episode 19 Heroes - Part 1

Marco faces his fear of lightning, when he has to babysit Raph and Mr Fish. 

Episode 20 Heroes - Part 2

Nipper is jealous of Marco, because Marco's dad is a firefighter. 

Episode 21 In Your Shoes - Part 1

Nipper and Poss become adults for the day, when they swap places with Ted and Jenny. 

Episode 22 In Your Shoes - Part 2

Poss thinks Kim's new running shoes are the reason she wins races. 

Episode 23 We’re Not Alone - Part 1

When Marco and Aku fight over EC, Marco makes his own doll. 

Episode 24 We’re Not Alone - Part 2

Poss finds a message in a bottle, that leads her to the hospital. 

Episode 25 From Where I Stand - Part 1

Aku and Nipper won't let Annie into their new cubby, until Annie learns how to be a pussycat without biting for real. 

Episode 26 From Where I Stand - Part 2

Mr Fish learns what it is like to be a child again, with a little help from EC.

Running Time
26 x 24 mins

Production Company
Australian Children's Television Foundation

English, French, Spanish (Neutral & Castilian)



Japan Prize

New York Festival

Cairo International Film Festival for Children

Prix Jeunesse (Germany)

Annecy International Animation Festival (France)

China Central TV – 24 Hour Children’s Festival