Itty Bitty Ditties


When travelling songbird, Brian the Budgie, arrives in a new place, he is keen to meet some of its more irregular inhabitants. But it’s not conversation that Brian is looking for - rather, he is constantly scouring the globe for his next singing partner.

Riding on his reliable Hog named Ernst, Brian and his musical animal cohorts sing nonsensical songs about frivolous subjects in various music styles. Brian has a knack for creating Itty Bitty Ditties in many far-flung destinations - and finding just the right voices to match.


Episode 1 The Colour Mixin’ Blues

Venturing through the deep, dark rainforests of Borneo, Brian sings the Blues with a Proboscis Monkey, whose protruding nose doubles as a muted trumpet.

Episode 2 Passin’ the Time

Brian and Ernst are taking it easy, as they hitch a ride across the Pacific on the back of a Dugong. Brian passes the time reciting beatnik style poetry, imagining he lives multiple lives.

Episode 3 I Can’t Get Up

Brian stops in Japan, to bathe in the natural hot springs with the Snow Monkeys. He is enchanted by their traditional gagaku music, and floats slowly through the hot springs, singing as if in a trance.

Episode 4 The Bladder is Where Love Begins

Walking along the banks of the Amazon, Brian has given a ride to a mother Suriname Toad and her young. The young protrude from the mothers back to sing.

Episode 5 Brian the Yodeler

Brian and Ernst ascend a steep, snowy mountain in Switzerland. There is a Star-nosed Mole sitting on the back of Ernst, and Brian turns around to face it. The Mole is trying to teach Brian how to yodel by singing correctly to him. When Brian tries to yodel, it comes out badly - and the words he sings match the bizarre things he sees around him.

Episode 6 Mozzarella

Brian and Ernst are caught in a stampede of Pygmy Hippos in Togo; so naturally, they all start singing an opera about Mozzarella. The atmosphere becomes very dramatic with the sound of the stampede and the booming voices of Brian and the Hippos.

Episode 7 Drinkin’ Milk and Spinnin’

Brian and a Wels Catfish are standing on the back of Ernst, holding large glasses of milk. Ernst is wearing a helmet, with jugs of milk strapped to each side and straws going to his mouth. Brian and the Catfish sing their Irish Ditty, while spinning and taking large gulps of milk.

Episode 8 Happy Hopping Day

Brian and Ernst are amidst a hopping herd of Peccaries. Ernst hops on one of his back legs, while Brian hangs on to his back. As the song goes on, more Peccaries join the festivities, giving it a big party atmosphere.

Episode 9 What’s That Smell?

Brian and Ernst are in the Caribbean, offering a ride to three smelly Octopi. They are all clinging to different parts of Ernst, with one sitting on Ernst’s head - like a wig. As they cruise along the beach, Brian sings a reggae style song about the bad smell the Octopi are emitting. The Octopi bop along, singing backup.

Episode 10 The Pangolin Pilgrimage

Brian and Ernst are travelling through a landscape which is a mix of rocky mountains and grassy hills, in search of a Pangolin.

Running Time
10 x 60 secs

Production Company
The People's Republic of Animation


Animation Comedy Short Form Programming