The Inbestigators


After Maudie, a ten-year-old puzzle prodigy, solves a crime on her first day at school with her new classmates Ezra, Ava and Kyle, the future is obvious: the four children must form a detective agency together. Operating out of the granny flat in Ezra’s backyard, these funny and disparate kids from Grade Five solve one thorny school playground or neighbourhood mystery after another, and become best friends in the process.


Episode 1 The Case of the Curious New Girl

When Maudie solves a playground robbery on her first day at school, she and new friends Ezra, Ava and Kyle create The Inbestigators Detective Agency.

Episode 2 The Case of the Disappearing Deliveries

When Sophie’s online shopping parcels are delivered but never received she hires the Inbestigators to track them down.

Episode 3 The Case of the Missing Solar System

Pixie is horrified when her space diorama goes missing and Miss Tan falsely accuses her of not doing her homework.

Episode 4 The Case of the Distressed Dancer

When his dance troupe’s concert routine is sabotaged, Zac hires the Inbestigators to find out who at the dance academy is responsible.

Episode 5 The Case of the Sleepover Secret

Pixie is furious when something she privately told Ava is made public, so Maudie resolves to find out how Pixie’s secret got out.

Episode 6 The Case of the Big Mouth Challenge

When Ben mounts a competition to see who can fit a very large biscuit in their mouth like he can, Maudie is suspicious.

Episode 7 The Case of the Pestering Prank Caller

When a prank caller targets Ezra and his neighbours, Maudie believes the Inbestigators can track down who is making the mystery calls.

Episode 8 The Case of the Spoiled Sports Day

At the sports carnival, Kyle loses his temper when he doesn’t win a race, but Maudie suspects there might be more to Kyle’s unexpected loss.

Episode 9 The Case of the Exciting Excursion

The Grade Five rock climbing excursion is jeopardised when the permission slips go missing, but Maudie suspects they may have been hidden on purpose.

Episode 10 The Case of the Very Lost Notebook

When Maudie loses her beloved notebook Ezra, Ava and Kyle band together to reunite their friend with her most prized possession.

Episode 11 The Case of the Suspect Sprinkler

When the timer on Mrs Maniaci’s sprinkler system is tampered with before the ‘Garden of the Year’ competition, the Inbestigators must track down the culprit.

Episode 12 The Case of the Peculiar Pop Quiz

Maudie and Ava infiltrate Mr Barker’s grade six class to watch his famous pop quiz, where Maudie uncovers a crime.

Episode 13 The Case of the Science Sabotage

When Annie’s science fair experiment is stolen, the Inbestigators must track it down before the judging commences.

Episode 14 The Case of the Wrecked Rehearsal

When Esther is injured in the  dress rehearsal of the Grade  Five play, Maudie must  figure out who caused the  mishap before showtime.

Episode 15 The Case of the Perplexing Painting

When Esther’s painting is damaged during the Art Show, Maudie has trouble proving who ruined the artwork without finding the evidence first.

Episode 16 The Case of the Turtle Thief

When a turtle is stolen from Ryan’s back yard, Ezra offers the agency’s services but Maudie is convinced something about the robbery doesn’t add up.

Episode 17 The Case of the Misplaced Mug

Mr McGillick is upset after he loses his precious ‘World’s Best Principal’ mug so Ezra makes it his personal mission to get it back.

Episode 18 The Case of the Sad Little Sister

Poppy loses her school hat and is forced to sit in the shelter shed, where Maudie discovers there may be more to the missing hat.

Episode 19 The Case of the Disoriented Drone

After a little girl’s drone is blown away, the Inbestigators must prove that a boy in a neighbouring house has claimed it as his own.

Episode 20 The Case of the Baffling Birthday

Ava wants to give Maudie her first proper birthday party but Maudie gets sidetracked by a mystery.

Running Time
20 x 15 mins

Production Company


Live Action