You're Skitting Me - Series 2


Warning: the ROFL effect watching YSM has serious consequences.

You’re Skitting Me – Series 2 is the latest in sketch comedy for kids.

The sketches are an edgy mix of zombies, superheroes, scary girl guides, Romans, parodies of Dr Who, Masterchef and Gollum as well as some offbeat animations featuring Vomit Boy and a new twist on fairy tales.

The show stars an ensemble of six teenagers, cast for their comic skills. Cosmo, Jake, Hayden, Mia, Molly and Rowan are fresh, funny, unpredictable and different.

You're Skitting Me was made with high production values, is tightly formatted and fast-paced. It has the familiarity of format that will appeal to young viewers, but a sophistication of material that can be enjoyed by everyone.


Episode 1

The new season kicks off with advice on how to know if someone has a crush on you. We see the latest 'Cops' style reality show, 'Prefects', and a touching report about a girl who has never seen Masterchef. We go back to find out what the Romans make of football, and there are two new products from the YSM generic brand Goman; 'Barf In A Bag' when you want to vomit to get out of a boring task, and 'Air Puffs', the breakfast snack made of air. The original animations include a reworking of Jack and the Beanstalk. Other Sketches include No-Undies Friday, what would happen if Monopoly is real, and find out if only werewolves are killed by silver bullets - or everybody.

Episode 2

Uncle Vijay and Vomit Boy return and we are introduced to new regulars, a Know-It-All First Aid Kid and The Hobbit's Gollum, as a year nine student. A pimple is squeezed, with surprising, but very gross consequences and a bus pass is broken, with very explosive consequences. We meet a Disney Prince in real life, a very unconvincing werewolf, and the latest reality franchise to hit our screens: 'Cook for a Goat.' The episode finishes with a rousing, all-singing, all-dancing dedication to nerds.

Episode 3

Episode 3 introduces YSM's new animated mice and the tales of their blooming 'love'. What would happen if life was a computer game, when boys put on too much deodorant, if your career advisor told you you couldn't be a duck and if you were a troll with no internet? Gollum returns to school and we check out the good, the bad and the gross with burp-off.

Episode 4

This episode gives us a glimpse of what superheroes were like when they were young. A girl's best friend reveals her real identity and love of public transport. An evil witch tries to tempt Hansel and Gretel. Uncle Vijay reviews 'Home and Away'. Newcomer Mim reviews her mother's performance and we introduce the new Roman Kids, who have invented a new game called 'football'.

Episode 5

What happens if your flute shoots darts, peas on your plate talk to you and you have a glitch in your life as a computer game? ROFLing has serious consequences, and new advice on how to duckface for your selfie. DJ Wicky tries to party up your life and a young Hulk at SuperSchool just can't get it right.

Episode 6

An all singing all dancing 'Not Glee' sketch, Gollum visits the school canteen, and the popular girls choose a new friend on The Friend Factor. The Grammar Cops are out, and some students wander into a very scary teacher zone. Returning character Vomit Boy takes on an earthquake and The Hipsters check out some street art.

Episode 7

Fairytale animation continues with the tale of Little Red Riding Hood, Prefects sing up a storm telling us how it really is, the Zombies go on a date, Romans stick up for slave rights and a Ghost Roaster is caught out.

Episode 8

Our kids discover what the ten second rule really is, what happens to airheads and how a slip and slide can go wrong.The Zombie boys get some career advice, Lex Luther arrives at SuperSchool and our Grammar Cops still wreak havoc at school.

Episode 9

This episode introduces new animated Lost Property items and the Inflatable Men. The Scary Girl Guides are back, our confused bully, Slugger Steve, tries to give a knuckle sandwich and our Gomad ads feature the new clean up for a little brother.

Episode 10

We introduce the latest version of Dr Who Aussie-style and the Stock Kids from the 1800s. The secret agents find out one of their own is a double agent, Brian The Facts Guy helps his friend with a love letter and Vomit Boy saves the earth from a meteor.

Episode 11

YSM give out awards for 'The Best High Five', 'Best Wedgie' and 'the Weirdest Kid'. The genie in the bin tries to give wishes, Rapunzel appears in our latest animated fairytale and one of the cast finds out what the consequences are of using up all your 'likes'.

Episode 12

YSM features the Seaweed Experiment, the Stinking Championships and the Extreme Alarm Clock. Dr. Who is back on his TARBIS, Uncle Vijay reviews 'Two and a Half Men' and the secret agents deal with a social media ransom demand.

Episode 13

The final show in the series features new 'superhero' Recyclo, the Yah Bra private school boys trying to outdo each other and the Romans. We finally find out why girls go to the toilet in pairs, test a cool new app that helps with household chores and the final in the fairytale animations, the story of Cinderella.

Running Time
13 x 24 min

Production Company
Jigsaw Entertainment


Comedy Live Action