Crash Zone - Series 1


Mike, Pi, Marcello, Bec and Ram are smart, creative, but radically different kids, who have just scored part-time jobs testing prototype computer games. 

It’s a blast, but it’s not just computer programs that are being tested - loyalties, friendships and values are also on the line in the funny, compelling world that is the Crash Zone. 


Episode 1 The Dream Team

A coded message on the Net becomes an irresistible puzzle for Mike, Pi, Bec, Marcello and Ram. Following the clues leads them to a meeting with Alexandra Davis, head of software company, Catalyst, and a job testing video games after school! It's the job of their dreams, that brings unexpected surprises - including the discovery of Virgil, a strange Artificial Intelligence loose on the Net.

Episode 2 Identity Crisis

Testing Alex's new game, Trillin, the kids encounter Virgil, who is having an identity crisis. The surprised Alex is worried that Virgil might be a spy for rival company, Sunijim. An offended Virgil gets the kids to help him prove he's not a spy - but Virgil can't remember who he really is! The kids discover Virgil has actually grown from a program created by Alex.

Episode 3 Undercover

Alex's valuable necklace goes missing at Catalyst, and everyone is a suspect. Pi feels particularly that she needs to prove her innocenc,e although Virgil's idea of helping by downloading detective stories from the Net is making things more difficult. When Marcello's little sister, Sam, is lost on the streets, the kids have two demanding cases on their hands.

Episode 4 Big Business

Marcello tries to make money by selling Ram's new invention. Ram, realising Marcello is ripping him off, dissolves the partnership and then sells one of his amazing new game converters to a strange girl, Louise. Unfortunately, Louise's TV blows up and she blames Ram. Will the other kids be able to save Ram before he becomes a meal for Louise's huge dog 'Predator'?

Episode 5 It's Only Words

A computer virus invades Catalyst, and it's a fight against the clock to save Alex's game, Trillin, and indeed, the whole of Catalyst. The kids are not at their best, as there's friction between Mike and Bec. Bec believes he should have stood up for her when his friends made racist comments to her. No matter how much Mike apologises, the team is edgy.

Episode 6 Secrets and Lies

Bec is intrigued and delighted by a 'Net romance' she's pursuing. The boys are sceptical, and their worst fears are realised when they find out it's really Virgil writing love letters to Bec. Pi tries to think of a way to save Bec from the humiliation of finding out she's romancing a program! How can she do this, when her own lies are getting her deeper in trouble herself?

Episode 7 Truth Hurts

Pi and Bec are asked by Alex to design a game to appeal to girls. The game, 'Boyfriends' is about the tribulations of teenage romance. The trouble is, Bec and Pi have very different ideas about what it means to be a girl. The game is a mess, and when Mike tries to use it to bring his separated parents closer, everyone realises they've got a lot to learn about emotions and life.

Episode 8 No News is Good News

The kids are alone at Catalyst and having a great time, when Kimberley arrives. She's a news reporter who is there to do a story on the testers. Mike is flattered, but the other kids begin to suspect she's a spy. Pi finally succeeds in getting rid of Kimberley, only to find her own mother has tracked her to Catalyst. Pi is unmasked. Now everybody knows she's a rich kid.

Episode 9 Birthday

Marcello's unemployed father is acting strangely, and Marcello believes he's cracking up. While Bec has created her own game about gnomes, Marcello becomes convinced that his father is going to kill himself. The kids, confused by Pi's depression, Bec's game and Marcello's weirdness, are unsure exactly who is really cracking up.

Episode 10 Leap of Faith

Leo Moore arrives at Catalyst with a game he's invented, and Alex is very keen to put money into it. Mike smells a rat, and not just because Leo seems to be attracted to Pi. When Mike realises Leo's stolen the game, he teams up with Pi to save Alex from embarrassment. Brought closer together, Mike and Pi are drawn into a kiss that surprises them both.

Episode 11 Heroes

Marcello feels rejected, when Alex dismisses his idea for a video game based on Virgil. Mike too is deflated, when he finds that his hero, Stig MaCallister, creator of his favourite comic, is rude and aggressive. Tempted by an offer from Sunijim representative, Brad Kane, Marcello eventually realises Brad is an even bigger scammer than himself.

Episode 12 The Shadow

Marcello throws Catalyst into uproar, when he hacks into Alex's system. Alex brings in legendary hacker-tracker, J.D. Moon, to find the security breach. Marcello is too scared to own up to his foolishness, and as J.D. Moon gets closer to the truth, the kids have to choose whether to help Marcello, or not. When Alex discovers the truth, she fires Marcello.

Episode 13 The Outsider

When Virgil goes missing after confiding in Ram, it's obvious to the kids that Sunijim has somehow 'captured' him. Marcello sees this as a way to redeem himself in Alex's eyes and, with his friends' help, infiltrates Sunijim in an attempt to rescue Virgil from Brad Kane. When Marcello gets into difficulties, the team use all their computer skills to save Marcello and Virgil, reuniting the Crash Zone team.

Running Time
13 x 24 mins

Production Company
Australian Children's Television Foundation


Comedy Drama Live Action


2000 Chris Awards (USA)
Honourable Mention

2000 Prix Jeunesse International Awards
Nominee: Best Fiction (11-15 Years)

1999 AFI Awards (Australia)
Nominee: Best Children's Television Drama

1999 AFI Awards (Australia)
Nominee: Best Direction in a Television Drama

1999 Golden Chest Awards (Bulgaria)
Special Prize: Drama for Children & Adolescents

1999 Golden Chest Awards (Bulgaria)
Winner: Children's Jury Prize

1999 New York Festival (USA)