ACTF on Track with EasyTrack

In a recent visit to the ACTF’s Fitzroy office, Easytrack introduced an updated software system to facilitate rights management, acquisitions, sales and financial reporting for the ACTF. 

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2018 My Place Competition: Prizes Announced!

With just over two weeks remaining of the 2018 My Place Competition, it’s time to highlight the great competition prizes. 

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Create Digital Texts with the Little Lunch App Competition

Primary teachers, are your students working on digital text comprehension and creation in English? Why not plan an engaging unit around our 2018 Little Lunch App Competition? 

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The Buzz at ACTF HQ

Ideas have been bouncing off the walls at the ACTF’s Fitzroy office, following a series of visits from established and emerging creative teams.

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What’s On TV? Monday 6 August – Sunday 12 August

Never miss a moment of your favourite Australian children’s television series. See what’s on free-to-air and pay TV this week.

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