Little Lunch

Gristmill, 2021

Little Lunch is a comedy series, where every episode takes place during that highly-anticipated school day break – morning snack time!

Each self-contained episode revolves around, and is told by, six diverse and distinctly identifiable children.

  • Atticus is sweet, straight, nerdy, and always hungry
  • Melanie is stubborn and morally courageous, but shy
  • Tamara is not remotely shy, and excellent at sport
  • Rory is naughty, distracted and so very likeable
  • Battie is a gentle, creative daydreamer
  • Debra-Jo is extremely smart, ambitious and organised (though some would call it bossy!)

And then there is Mrs Gonsha, their much-loved teacher, with extreme patience, a generosity of spirit and the tendency to nod off in class…

Little Lunch tackles the big issues in the playground. Who gets to go on the monkey bars? Who gets to join whose club? Who gets Mrs Gonsha off the top of the slide pole, when she gets stuck? Little Lunch tells stories that may seem small to adults, but loom large for kids.

Little Lunch is an eminently relatable, universal comedy with heart for 6-12 year-olds.

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