The Genie from Down Under

Australian Children's Television Foundation / BBC , 1995

The Genie from Down Under is a 26 part comedy-fantasy series that contrasts two national cultural stereotypes. This is exemplified through the central characters being an upper class English girl, Penelope, and two Australians, Bruce and his son Baz, who also happen to be genies. When Penelope finds a magic opal containing two Australian genies, Bruce and his son Baz, she thinks all her problems are over. But Bruce has other plans. He and Baz trick Penelope into wishing her family to Australia at every opportunity. Penelope hates Australia and is constantly trying to get back to England. It’s a comedic battle of wills and a clash of cultures, as Penelope learns that there is a difference between power and wisdom.

The series and the online education resources include important issues such as indigenous land rights, cultural ownership and the law and family.

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