Space Nova

SLR Productions, 2021

When the intrepid Nova family find humanity’s first real evidence of extra-terrestrial life – an abandoned alien space craft– they think they’ve hit the scientific jackpot. But when the ship takes off before they can retrieve it, it starts them on an action-packed interstellar quest that will bring them face-to-face with epic life-forms, physics-defying phenomena and out-of-this-world planets beyond their wildest dreams.

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Episode 1 Star Dust

The Novas, a family of space explorers make an interstellar discovery will change the course of history when they chance across an alien space craft and its ethereal substance - Star Dust.

Episode 2 Over Being a Nova

Bored with cataloguing rocks, Adelaide accepts a challenge to a "space-off. But when Sol gets in trouble, Adelaide and Jet perform a heroic rescue and rediscover what being a Nova is all about.

Episode 3 Black Hamster

When Jet creates a nutrient-dense super pickle it attracts a space hamster whose survival instinct allows it to turn into a small black hole. Jet will have to free his new friend in order to guarantee Luna Ports safety.

Episode 4 Escape from TR-227

While travelling to complete a supply drop off, the Novas crash land on the planet only to be confronted by a deadly gravity storm that threatens not only lives - but also life-saving research!

Episode 5 Tangle

When the Nova’s mission to what they think is a Star Dust Planet goes awry, they are trapped underwater by a sentient seaweed plant. Meanwhile, Aubrina, determined to learn what the Novas are up to, sends Sol out, undercover.

Episode 6 Steel Comet

When a large comet appears on a collision course with Luna Port, the Novas take a huge risk to divert it, only to realise it's no comet at all, but rather a frozen-over space ship presumed lost for over 100 years!

Episode 7 Friends in Dark Places

The Novas go to investigate a system based on data they obtained from the ‘Eagle’ they find an uninhabited planet – until they fall through quicksand to the caverns beneath! Aubrina continues to keep a close eye on the Novas.

Episode 8 Invisible Siblings

G9 malfunctions at Luna Ports centennial celebrations. Aubrina seeks to reprogram him. Jet and Adelaide go on a mission to save their robot, finding a library of hidden Alien artefacts inside a locked room owned by Aubrina!

Episode 9 Steam Ship

Novas are forced to land on a junk planet for repairs and come face to face with Old Phil and his dog Calisto. Phil claims that he enjoys solitude and quiet, but he may know more than he is letting on!

Episode 10 Grafter

Sol’s attempt to win a science fair by sabotaging all of the other projects goes wrong when the Nova's project – a giant half plant half animal - kidnaps him. Alien DNA is found on the plant – where did it come from?

Episode 11 Ghost Station

Josie surprises the Novas, booking a ‘ghost tour’ of a spooky space station. But when they receive a distress call from the station and land there, even the most sceptical Nova starts to believe!

Episode 12 The Jump

The Novas expose Aubrina’s wrongdoing and the Star Dust Crystal is returned! They’re ready to make their first Star Dust ‘jump’ and explore unknown parts of space. Aubrina enlists a shadowy figure to stop the Novas!

Episode 13 Troubled Sol

The Novas are able to jump millions of lightyears and their quest to find Star Dust Aliens kicks into high gear. After Sol demonstrates super strength Jet and Adelaide realise that their Alien might be closer to home.

Episode 14 The Goldilocks Zone

Having learned the direction the Tychon was taking on the day Sol was discovered as a baby, the Novas take Sol on a mission to a planet inhabited entirely by mega-flora – then Sol goes missing.

Episode 15 Rogue Planet

The Novas drones send an image of a Star Dust Ship. When the Novas and Sol go to investigate - they get trapped on a rogue planet heading directly towards the system’s sun! Aubrina has plans to get her own Star Dust crystal.

Episode 16 The Puzzle

The Novas investigate a planet that has pyramid-like temples they believe may have been created by intelligent beings. However, they find the pyramids ARE the intelligent beings – and these Aliens aren’t friendly!

Episode 17 Black Hole Ate My Homework

When Jet and Adelaide realize they have too much work and reading to get through in one night, they devise a plan to slow time by taking Adelaide’s flyer to the very edge of a black hole in order to slow down time.

Episode 18 Black Hamsters

Detecting human technology in a far-flung region of the universe, the Novas head out to examine it - only to find the escape pod that Jet used to evacuate his Space Hamster, Pickles.

Episode 19 Pamela Barnacle

Luna Port’s security system is malfunctioning and the Novas visit the Ex-president of Lunar Port, Pamela Barnacle, the system’s creator. They find Pamela is under the system’s control – and so are the Novas!

Episode 20 Shore Leave

The Novas spot a planet that looks like paradise itself and decide to visit it for some much-needed R&R. Soon, however, their dream getaway turns out to be just that - and one that they’re unable to wake up from!

Episode 21 Alienosaurs

The Novas head to an Earth-like planet, hoping to find the Star Dust Aliens. Instead, they find highly evolved and aggressive Alien dinosaurs, and what it’s like when Humans are at the bottom of the food chain!

Episode 22 Collision Course

Jet, Adelaide, Sol and Marcie Yang are put together in a grav ball game. During the game, Luna Port faces a catastrophic blackout and they must work together to save the day. Aubrina searches for plans of Star Dust cube!

Episode 23 Yowie!

On the lookout for intelligent life, one of the Novas drones delivers footage that will make them question everything they know about Aliens – blurry video of what appears to be a real live bigfoot!

Episode 24 Sweet Dreams

Sol has vivid dreams about his home world the Novas enlist the help of the ‘energy creature’ to uncover the details of this planet. Things take a turn when Sol’s brain refuses to release him from the dream state!

Episode 25 Black Ice

Following Sol’s vision, the Novas journey to a what they believe is Sol’s home planet - only to discover it is completely frozen over. They realise the planet may hold the answers to all of their questions - and they must journey below the ice...

Episode 26 Star Dust Aliens

The Novas locate another Alien rock ship and set off to make contact. They uncover Sol as a stowaway and find out that Andy is a robot. Will the Novas lose their chance to make real contact with the Star Dust Aliens forever?


2021 Screen Producers Australia Awards
Nominee: Animated Series Production of the Year 

2021 Australian Writers Guild Awards
Winner: John Armstrong, 'Seaweed Samba' 
Most Outstanding Script: Animation

2021 Australian Writers Guild Awards
Nominee: Melanie Alexander, 'Pamela Barnacle is Alive and Well' 
Most Outstanding Script: Animation

2020 Australian Writers Guild Awards
Winner: Thomas Duncan-Watt, 'Ghost Station'
Most Outstanding Script: Animation

2020 Australian Writers Guild Awards
Nominee: Charlotte Rose Hamlyn, 'Black Hamster'
Most Outstanding Script: Animation

Running Time
26 x 23 minutes

Production Company
SLR Productions


Adventure Animation


The ACTF has AU/NZ distribution rights only.

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