Who Got Funding at the ACTF Board Meeting?

17 December 2018

Who Got Funding at the ACTF Board Meeting?

An impressive and diverse group of new projects have been approved for ACTF script development funding, rounding off an exciting year at the ACTF. Five projects based on original ideas and three projects that will be adapted from existing work have received the support of the ACTF and are slated to begin development in 2019.

The successful applicants were:

  • Knee High Spies – an original pre-school concept by Tim Bain, NSW  – $9,500;
  • Good Deeders – a live action series from FallUp Productions, VIC – $15,409;
  • Shape of Zoo – a pre-school series created by Pirate Size Productions, VIC – $6,779;
  • PQ – a live action/animation series based on Picú, Mi Amigo Imaginario  (translation: Picu, my imaginary friend) produced by Panita Productions, ACT – $15,000;
  • Unpopular Me – a live action series based on novels by James O’Loughlin and produced by Headland Media, NSW – $21,650;
  • Grand Disasters – an original live action series by Subtext Pictures, NSW – $20,400;
  • Neomad – a live action series based on the Neomad online comic to be produced by Weeriana Street Media, WA – $32,496; and
  • Are You Tougher Than Your Ancestors (2nd Round) – an original live action documentary series created by Flying Kite Pictures, SA & Sticky Pictures, NSW – $7,470.

Congratulations to our successful applicants! We are looking forward to seeing the projects progress over the coming year. Look out 2019!