Discover Australian picture books for older readers

Teachers, if you are here, we already know that you love Australian stories. With this recently launched database, curated by the lovely team at the National Centre for Australian Children’s Literature, you can explore or revisit hundreds of engaging written texts to share with your students.  

Virtual workshops to watch with your primary class

The ACTF delivers fun and engaging virtual learning events, supporting students to learn about how screen stories are told. We’ve rounded up eight of our past workshops which are now available on demand via the ACTF website.

US viewers get a ticket to Crazy Fun Park

Logie-winning comedy-horror series Crazy Fun Park will air across the United States after being acquired by streaming giant Hulu.

ACTF prepares for MIPCOM

A brand-new season of Little J & Big Cuz will be launched to international broadcasters at MIP Junior and MIPCOM next month.

Parents, take part in a landmark study on children’s television

Parents and guardians are invited to share their thoughts on children’s television as part of a study that will help to shape the future of kids’ TV in Australia.

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