Teaching Resources for Refugee Week

Teachers, are your students currently investigating the lives of refugees and asylum seekers? The ACTF has a range of engaging educational content and support materials relevant to Refugee Week and World Refugee Day.

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Our Top 5 Education Resources

Our latest numbers are in, showing the five most viewed ACTF support materials during Term Two. Could these popular teaching resources be used in your classroom next term?

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Coming to ABC ME: Hardball Series 2

Depictions of diversity, friendship and resilience have made Hardball a hit with Australian teachers and students alike. Now it’s officially time to get excited for Series 2!

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Meet Kids’ TV Composers on ‘Make Music Day’

How was the music created for popular TV shows Little Lunch, Are You Tougher than Your Ancestors?, Thalu and Bluey? Find out from industry professionals in our upcoming webinar.

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Announcing the 2021 My Place Competition

Pull out your planners: the My Place Competition is returning for 2021.

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