September 6th 2016


What’s On TV? Monday 12 September – Sunday 18 September.

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MONDAY: Bushwhacked! – 7.30AM on NITV.

Turtles – Heron Island, Queensland
Heading to the tropical beauty of Heron Island for Turtle Season in the Great Barrier Reef, Kayne and Brandon find themselves face to face with a beach full of Green Turtle hatchlings. But it’s a life or death race as the baby turtles have to navigate their way to the water with their natural predators waiting on all sides.

Also catch: Wacky World Beaters, 9.35AM on ABC3. 

TUESDAY: Wacky World Beaters – 9.35AM on ABC3.

Ludwigsburg Pumpkin Regatta
Amberley and Gilly are in Germany on their way to compete in the Ludwigsburg Pumpkin Regatta, where crazy competitors from across the globe race around a picturesque fountain in GIANT PUMPKINS!! Looks like something out of a fairy tale but is it the wackiest event ever?

Also catch: Bushwhacked! 7.30AM on NITV.

WEDNESDAY: My Place – 10.05AM on ABC3.

1888: Victoria 
Victoria and her family have just moved into the terrace house that her father has built. She'll do anything to ensure that they stay there forever, including witchcraft.

Also catch: Bushwhacked! 7.30AM on NITV; Wacky World Beaters, 9.35AM on ABC3 and Bushwhacked! – Series 3, 4.05PM on ABC3.

THURSDAY: Bushwhacked! – Series 3 – 4.05PM on ABC3.

Wolf Spider
This creepy crawly episode is an invitation to join the hosts on a lunch date in Gosford, New South Wales. 

Also catch: Bushwhacked! 7.30AM on NITV and Wacky World Beaters, 9.35AM on ABC3.

FRIDAY: Double Trouble 10.00AM on ABC3.

The Water Hole
Out in the bush, Yuma gets into trouble swimming with Aaron at a picturesque waterhole, while twin Kyanna web cam links her computer to Yuma so the pair can work out how to get back home.

Also catch: Bushwhacked! 7.30AM on NITV; Wacky World Beaters 9.35AM on ABC3 and Bushwhacked! – Series 3, 4.05PM on ABC3.

SATURDAY: Handball Heroes 7.23AM on ABC3

Our hosts are in Yarrabah, the largest Aboriginal community in Australia to find Vicky and THE YARRA BLAST. But that’s not the only drawcard – Vicky’s got more slick moves, like traditional dancing and… Creek Handball?!

Also catch: The Flamin’ Thongs, 7.42AM on ABC3; Little Lunch (Double Episode), 12PM on ABC3 and WAC – World Animal Championships, 3.30PM on ABC3.

SUNDAY: The Flamin’ Thongs – 7.42AM on ABC3.

World War Shoe
Holden invents a robotic footy boot and gets the Thongs into trouble when he kicks a ball halfway around the world and it hits a military dictator, who declares war but settles for a winner-takes-all penalty shoot-out.

Also catch: Handball Heroes, 7.23AM on ABC3; Little Lunch (Double Episode), 12PM on ABC3 and WAC – World Animal Championships, 3.30PM on ABC3.

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