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If She Can See It, She Can Be It

Academy Award winning actress Geena Davis delivered a powerful keynote at the KidScreen Summit about the need to improve gender balance, reduce stereotyping and create inspiring and identifiable female characters in children’s television.    

Lasting Memories Of Australian Children’s Television

The Memory Project is a research project investigating how adults remember the Australian children’s TV. The project is revealing fascinating insights into the long term significance of Australian children’s television for its audience.

New Year, New Sales

The ACTF has had a successful start to 2016, with a number of sales confirmed. 

Little Lunch App Now Available

The ACTF has launched a new app based on the popular children’s television program Little Lunch.

Yianni Rowland's 'Chess People' Wins Trop Jr 2016!

'Chess People', by Yianni Rowlands from Northcote High School, wins 2016's Trop Jr short film festival competition.

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