ACTF Projects Slated for MIPCOM 2018

ACTF Projects Slated for MIPCOM 2018

The ACTF’s Head of Development & Production, Bernadette O’Mahony as well as International Sales Managers, Roberta Di Vito and Tim Hegarty, will be attending MIPCOM in Cannes from October 15th  to 18th .

At MIPCOM, Roberta and Tim will be presenting a sneak peek of the new live action comedy/drama series Hardball, which is due for delivery in early 2019, whilst Bernadette will be discussing the ACTF’s slate of projects in development.

With a catalogue of rich and diverse children’s content, the ACTF offers broadcasters everything from non-dialogue short form animations, to factual adventure series, to live-action scripted comedy/drama productions.

Award winning shows in the ACTF’s catalogue include Little J & Big Cuz, Little Lunch, Bushwhacked!, Ready For This, Dukes of Broxstonia, My Place and Mortified, as well as the evergreen Round The Twist.

Developed by the ACTF and other leading Australian producers, all programs in the ACTF catalogue are designed to educate, entertain and inspire kids, no matter where they live.

To view the full ACTF Program Catalogue, click here.

For more information on all ACTF programs, visit Roberta, Tim and Bernadette during MIPCOM at the ACTF stand # P-1.B84