January 27th 2017


What’s On TV? Monday 30 January – Sunday 5 February

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MONDAY: Bushwhacked!, 6.00AM on NITV. 

Episode 8 - Saltwater Croc – Kakadu National Park, Northern Territory:

Deep inside Kakadu National Park in the Northern Territory, local rangers are keen to monitor a rogue saltwater crocodile – the deadliest reptile on the planet! Brandon reckons Kayne could help them out, and enlists his mate to help lure a giant croc into a cage, anaesthetise it and then attach a satellite tag to the back of its neck. They release it back into the wild, but now under surveillance to ensure the local communities remain safe. It’s jaw-droppingly scary! 

Also catch:
Little Lunch, 4.13PM on ABC ME and Hoopla Doopla! 4.49PM on ABC2. 

TUESDAY: The Flamin’ Thongs, 6.58AM on ABC ME.

Episode 11 - Bull Whipped:
Plans to stage ‘The Running of the Bulls’ in Whale Bay are dashed when Trevor mistakenly orders a mechanical rodeo bull. Holden adds legs and builds more metal moo-ers but they go crazy and everyone has to run for their lives!

Also catch: Bushwhacked! 6.00AM on NITV; Little Lunch, 4.13PM on ABC ME and Hoopla Doopla! 4.49PM on ABC2. 

WEDNESDAY: Hoopla Doopla! 4.49PM on ABC2. 

Episode 44 - The Hungry Dragon:
Everyone in Hoopla loves the dragon boat festival, especially Jango who loves it because Mimi makes delicious sticky rice dumplings. Jango sneakily eats all the dumplings & pretends that there is a hungry dragon in Hoopla.

Also catch: Bushwhacked! 6.00AM on NITV; The Flamin’ Thongs, 6.58AM on ABC ME and Little Lunch, 4.12PM on ABC ME.   

THURSDAY: Little Lunch, 4.12PM on ABC ME.

Episode 8 - The Girls Toilets:
Melanie is caught in the middle when Debra-Jo and Tamara stop speaking to each other and insist that Melanie must pick a side.

Also catch:
Bushwhacked! 6.00AM on NITV; The Flamin’ Thongs, 6.58AM on ABC ME and Hoopla Doopla! 4.49PM on ABC2.


FRIDAY: Bushwhacked! 6.00AM on NITV.

Episode 12 - Arafura File Snake” – Arnhem Land, Northern Territory:
Arnhem Land in the Northern Territory is Australia’s final frontier. Cut off by floods from the rest of the country for six months a year, Brandon and Kayne arrive too early so their first challenge is getting across the East Alligator River – a croc-infested expanse of water that is not for the faint-hearted. Once inside Arnhem Land they meet a few locals from the indigenous community, who help them track down an Arafura File Snake, which Kayne has to cook and eat with his new friends. But there is just one catch – this rare delicacy lives in water – the same water that crocodiles live in! Will Kayne survive this heart-pumping challenge to enjoy his feast? Will the locals enjoy his cooking skills?

Also catch: Little Lunch, 4.13PM on ABC ME. 

SATURDAY: Waabiny Time – Series 2, 8.00AM on NITV.  

Waabiny Time is a landmark in Australian TV; a kids variety program that uses Noongar Language. Presenters Kylie Farmer and Lee West take children from the ages of 3 to 6 on an educational and entertaining adventure, guiding our young viewers through 21 half-hour episodes of stories, songs and activities that are authentically indigenous and encourage participation.

Also catch: The Flamin’ Thongs, 7.00AM on ABC ME; You’re Skitting Me – Series 3, 11.20AM on ABC ME; Dance Academy – Series 2, 12.58PM on ABC ME, Little Lunch, 4.11PM on ABC ME and Hoopla Doopla! 4.50PM on ABC2.  

SUNDAY: You’re Skitting Me – Series 3 – 11.20AM on ABC ME.

You're Skitting Me is an edgy mix of animations and great characters that will tickle everyone’s funny bone. The series introduces regular characters such the Ultra Boy, the Unwrapping Guy, Young Shakespeare , Martine the Sick Bay Monitor, Child Lawyer - Roland McAllister, clueless Amanda Coyne, The Green Team.Nothing is too absurd! 

Also catch: The Flamin’ Thongs, 7.00AM on ABC ME; Bushwhacked! 7.30AM on NITV; Little Lunch, 4.11PM on ABC ME and Hoopla Doopla! 4.50PM on ABC2.  

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