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Dogstar - Primary Teaching Kit

In the year 2347, on a voyage from Old Earth to New Earth, a freak accident causes the Dogstar; a giant space ark containing all of the world’s dogs, to become lost to mankind.… This fascinating scenario sets the scene for the heroes of the story, the Clark kids, to find the Dogstar and…

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Dogstar - Teaching Kit: Strand One

Dogstar Teaching Kit The Dogstar Teaching Kit aims to introduce the Dogstar series and its central characters; the concept of genre, in particular, news reports, science fiction, TV advertisements and TV comedy; along with the related Dogstar website.… These free lesson plans and classroom wo…

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Lift Off! - I Think...Unit 12: Identity, Perception, Knowledge

Students explore the connections between brain, mind and personality. They discuss faces and facades and explore ‘reality’.…

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Little Lunch App Competition

Now in its third year, the ACTF’s Little Lunch App Competition invites Year 3-6 students to submit short films they have created with the free Little Lunch App. Participating classes generally view and analyse episodes of the hilarious school-based mockumentary series as a star…

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