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Now in its fourth year, the ACTF’s Little Lunch App Competition invites Year 3-6 students to submit short films they have created with the free Little Lunch App. Participating classes generally view and analyse episodes of the hilarious school-based mockumentary series as a starting point, and then work in groups to plan, script and film their own little lunch story.

Entries for 2019's Little Lunch App Competition open on October 14 and close on November 8.


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Help Needed?

If you have any problems you can contact the ACTF at: or phone (03) 9200 5500.

To accompany the Little Lunch App, teachers can access the step-by-step resource: The ‘Little Lunch App: A Teacher’s Guide’ (PDF or iBook), which includes a range of suggestions for curriculum activities.


Little Lunch App Competition

Designed to promote literacy learning while also developing digital technologies skills, the Little Lunch App supports teachers and student in creating and sharing their own Little Lunch-inspired episode.

Are you new to Little Lunch? Check out the Little Lunch Resource Package to learn all about the books, series, and app.

Based on the books by Danny Katz and Mitch Vane, the Little Lunch TV series is set in an Australian primary school, with each episode taking place during recess time. The issues and events explored in this ‘mockumentary’ comedy series are representational of students’ own lives, which has contributed to the ongoing popularity of the series.

Tips for Filming

  • Avoid strong winds
  • Find sheltered spots
  • Don't film too far away from actors
  • Use the "voice-over" function after filming
  • Film away from the sun
  • Try different camera angles
  • Use the Little Lunch App pause function

Cyber Safety

Please ensure that student use of the Little Lunch App and participation in the Little Lunch App Competition complies with your schools' Cyber Safety policy.

The ACTF assumes that the school has parent permission for any students appearing in the Little Lunch movies uploaded.

Unless advised otherwise, entrants permit the ACTF to publish the uploaded videos.

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