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Little Lunch Cast Q&A Webinar – Australian Primary Schools VIDEO

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Video Synopsis

Mrs Gonsha (Heidi Arena), Debra-Jo (Faith Seci), Rory (Flynn Curry) and Tamara (Olivia Deeble) thrilled primary students from around Australia by participating in a live online webinar on March 24.

Students got to quiz the cast on how they got into acting, what was involved in making Little Lunch, their favourite episodes, how the young cast balanced school work and acting, how they deal with fame and what tips they would give to aspiring young actors.

Video Contents:

00:00 - Introduction
01:40 - Little Lunch App
02:45 - How did you become an actor?
05:00 - What does it feel like to be someone you might not be?
07:25 - How did the writer make up the personality of each character?
08:09 - Did you originally audition for the character that you got?
09:51 - What was your reaction when you got the part in Little Lunch?
12:41 - How did you get the part of Debra-Jo? Have you had lots of acting lessons?
13:52 - Why are you always the one who makes everyone laugh?
14:38 - Is the school you act at in Little Lunch a real school?
15:18 - Are you really that flexible like in Little Lunch?
15:59 - How do you manage school and acting at the same time?
18:31 - What grade are you in in real life?
19:09 - Did you notice any change in the way your school friends acted with you after the show made you famous?
21:39 - Have you ever done a play on the stage?
24:14 - Have you ever had any teacher training? If not, how do you know how to act like a teacher?
25:25 - Did you model your character on a teacher you knew?
25:55 - Are you as smart as Debra-Jo?
26:31 - What appealed to you about playing the role of Rory?
28:24 - What do you like about being Tamara?
29:48 - What was your favourite episode to film?
32:35 - What was the most difficult episode to make?
34:00 - What strategies do you have to learn your lines?
37:19 - How long does it take to film an episode of Little Lunch?
38:18 - Who was the director and what was their role?
41:18 - Little Lunch App Competition
42:04 - Who is the funniest cast member on set?
43:34 - Farewell

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