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Bushwhacked! - Exploring Australian Flora and Fauna EDUCATION RESOURCE

Bushwhacked - Series Trailer

Bushwhacked!' is a 13-part series hosted by Brandon Walters and Kayne Tremills as they set off on the adventure of a lifetime to remote corners of Australia, meeting the country's weird and wonderful wildlife, and learning about Indigenous rites and rituals. The series brings the bush to the 'burbs, as Brandon sets Kayne a new challenge each episode, to track down one of Australia's unique animals. But it is as much about the journey as it is about the destination. It's a fun-fuelled, adrenalin-pumping, fast-paced adventure following these two colourful characters -- one an ice cool bushman; the other a skateboarding city-slicker who's never been into the heart of Aboriginal Australia. Whether it be chasing down dangerous spiders, killer sharks and venomous snakes, or friendly penguins and loveable turtles; adventure is never far away, as the boys challenge each other with rock climbing, skydiving and zip-lining. Along the way, Brandon introduces Kayne to friends from local Indigenous communities who get the boys involved in everything from traditional smoking ceremonies to investigating local bush tucker and bush medicine. Humour and high spirits are a trademark throughout the series, as Brandon and Kayne often find themselves out of their comfort zones as they take the journey of a lifetime together.



Resource Description

The Exploring Australian Flora and Fauna with Bushwhacked! unit of work was developed by Samantha Doggett (Teacher, Serpell Primary School)

“I have been working this term on the new program Bushwhacked! This has been a wonderful series that Grade 1 children have thoroughly enjoyed. This series would easily attract all primary school years from Foundation to Grade 6. They have gained extensive knowledge about Australian animals, landscape and Indigenous traditions.”

Year Level

Early Childhood (F-3)

Curriculum Study Areas

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Histories and Cultures, English, Geography, Humanities and Social Sciences, Intercultural Understanding, Media Arts (The Arts), Sustainability


belonging, culture and traditions, resilience

Required Content