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Stubbies - (Volume 1) Teaching Resource EDUCATION RESOURCE


Resource Description

The ACTF has taken some of its most entertaining, engaging and creative short form content and packaged it all together for use in the classroom. Stubbies supports teachers to encourage students to be creative and develop higher order thinking skills.

Students are increasingly becoming the creators of short form content, with many involved in uploading videos, images, music and posts, and other types of media into spaces designed for social networking. For this reason its important to provide students with high quality, locally made, short digital content in the classroom to offer opportunities for critiquing, deconstructing, reconstructing media and to inspire students to generate ideas, and possibilities not yet realised!

Stubbies includes videos from the following programs: My Strange Pet, Horace in Slow Motion, The Dukes of Broxstonia and Casa De Evil.

Stubbies (Volume 1) features 24 short films from the following programs:


  • My Strange Pet
  • Horace in Slow Motion
  • Dukes of Broxstonia
  • Casa De Evil


Year Level

Early Childhood (F-3), Middle Primary (4-5), Middle Years (5-9), Senior Secondary and Tertiary

Curriculum Study Areas

Critical and Creative Thinking, Drama (The Arts), English, Media Arts (The Arts), Music (The Arts), Personal and Social Capability, Visual Arts (The Arts)


Animation, Comedy, Short Form Programming


behaviour, identity, social responsibility