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Reading & Viewing For Comprehension: Skeleton In The Dunny EDUCATION RESOURCE

Round the Twist: The Ghost

When Linda wants to use the outside dunny (toilet), Bronson offers to accompany her. He fears that she will need to be protected from the ghost (old Ned). Linda objects because she doesn’t believe in ghosts… until she sees, and then she believes.


Resource Description

When the Twist family move from the city to live in an old lighthouse, they discover that the outside dunny (toilet) is haunted. The Round the Twist TV series is based on books written by Paul Jennings. ‘Scary stories’ is the focus of this unit. What are scary stories; who invents them and what makes them scary. Strategies suggested in the teaching activities include sharing familiar scary stories, analysing how they are composed, particularly language and expression (for text and screen), identifying sequence and multimodal elements, developing a dictogloss, and comparing different texts and how get developed into the story.


Year Level

Middle Primary (4-5)

Curriculum Study Areas

Drama (The Arts), English, Media Arts (The Arts), Visual Arts (The Arts)


genre, persuasive text