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Age Level: Middle Primary (4-5) Middle Years (5-9)

About this Resource

This teaching kit defines TV tie-ins and how they can be used with reluctant readers to improve understanding of the story. It explores briefly the translation of film to text and provides some examples of visual literacy.

About TV Tie-Ins Teaching Kit
Unlike films or television series that are based on books, TV tie-ins are written after the film/television series are produced. TV tie-ins are a useful resource for English, Literacy and Media Studies for exploring production processes and to encourage reluctant readers. The strategies that are explored in this kit include:

  1. Improving Understanding of the Story
    Students view a TV program and read the tie-in book then compare and differentiate between the techniques used to tell the story in each medium.
  2. Encouraging Analysis of Text
    Students compare how a comedy scene is portrayed in a television program with how it is written in the tie-in book. Students then write their own book versions of a TV comedy scene.
  3. Exploring the Translation from Film to Text
    Students explore texts through comparing and analysing the original television version and its interpretation by an author.

The TV Tie-Ins Teaching Kit includes:

  • Introductory download
  • Kahootz Xpressions
  • Links to related TV tie-in lesson plans
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