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My Brother Jack - Teaching Kit EDUCATION RESOURCE


Resource Description

My Brother Jack is the award winning Australian miniseries based on George Johnston's classic novel. The story of two brothers (Jack and David), is set between the two World Wars. Narrated by David, the younger brother, he reflects upon issues in his life such as domestic violence, mental illness and divorce.

The story can be used to explore teaching about Australian’s at war, media representations of war, race and gender issues between the wars, book to film and the search for identity.

Teaching Resources
These free resources cover the transformation of a book to film, production processes and analyses of Australia in war time and the Depression. Themes of war, poverty and class, are presented in an historical context for general social, political or historical study.

  • Synopsis of the novel and the miniseries and the value as an educational resource
  • Study Guide to My Brother Jack for mid secondary – tertiary students
  • Media Kit for the miniseries
  • Article: My Brother Jack - Historical Perspectives by Kate Cameron

Year Level

Senior Secondary and Tertiary

Curriculum Study Areas

English, History, Humanities and Social Sciences, Media Arts (The Arts)


family, identity, war and conflict