Legacy Of The Silver Shadow: Education Resources Teaching Resource - Download

Age Level: Middle Primary (4-5) Middle Years (5-9)

About this Resource

This compiled PDF contains 6 teaching activities linked to the Legacy Of The Silver Shadow television series.

Resource Description

Students explore:

  • how film and TV program makers use actors and various production techniques and effects to create believable characters and settings in order to tell stories.
  • skeletons, in natural and built environments and study 2D and 3D shapes, nets, tessellation, isometric drawing, estimation and measurement of time and distances and probability.
  • what it means to be a hero and a superhero. Discussion extends beyond the qualities of superhero power to consider qualities such as helpfulness, kindness, compassion and generosity.
  • film-makers techniques e.g. scripts, storyboards, shots and editing to help them understand how characterisation and plot development contribute to resolution of the storyline.
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