Digital Storytelling with the MY:24 App Podcast


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25 May 2015

Maggie Garrard highlights the ACTF’s educational support materials for the children’s factual series, MY:24. Richard Leigh discusses his work at Campfire Film Foundation, and also his experience of using the MY:24 App in a secondary school classroom.

Richard Leigh founded the Campfire Film Foundation, which aims to help teachers lead discussions that change lives through the power of short film.

Presented by:
Richard Leigh - Managing Director, Campfire Film Foundation.
Maggie Garrard – Curriculum Manager, ACTF.

Cyber Safety

Use of the MY:24 app in schools should be in accordance with each schools Cyber Safety policy.

Videos created using the MY:24 app are saved locally to the device’s ‘Camera Roll’ and are not publically viewable.

However, if schools with appropriate parent permissions wish to share student videos online it should be in accordance with the schools Cyber Safety policy.

We would recommend that any student videos that are shared online:

  • do not identify students by name
  • avoid identifiable school uniforms

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