Yolngu Boy - Teaching Resource Teaching Resource - DVD-ROM, CD-ROM

Age Level: Senior Secondary and Tertiary

About this Resource

The Yolngu Boy  - Teacher Resource CD contains documents to enhance the use of the feature film Yolngu Boy in schools and tertiary institutions.

The CD includes the shooting script for Yolngu Boy. This version of the script, which was used by cast and crew when filming commenced, differs in several important ways from the finished film, including extra characters and never-filmed scenes. Comparison with the finished movie provides a valuable insight into the evolution of a script throughout the production process.

Yolngu Boy - Teaching Resource CD contains:

A History of the Yolngu (PDF)
Yolngu Boy Behind the Scenes (PDF)
Yolngu Boy Introduction (PDF)
Yolngu Boy Press Kit (PDF)
Yolngu Boy Shooting Script (PDF)
Yolngu Boy Study Guide ( PDF)
Yolngy Boy Synopsis (PDF)

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