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Age Level: Middle Years (5-9)

About this Resource

What’s Fair? is a cross curriculum resource designed to focus on a range of themes relevant to English, Studies of Society and Environment, and Health and Physical Education – Human Relations. It aims to support teachers in developing ethical inquiry as part of these curriculum areas. What’s Fair? is also well suited for use within Lifeskills programs designed to foster positive student behaviours within a supportive school environment.

The What’s Fair? Teachers' Guide (PDF) incorporates 8 units of work.

What's Fair? Teacher’s Guide - Book (PDF)


Teaching Approaches and the Ideas Behind What's Fair?
What's Fair? Objectives
Ethical Enquiry Across the Curriculum:

  • The Role of Ethical Inquiry within English
  • The Role of Ethical Inquiry within Studies of Society and Environment
  • The Role of Ethical Inquiry within Health and Physical Education: Human Relations

A Framework for Ethical Inquiry and Discussion - Stages 1-5

  • The What's Fair? Approach to Ethical Inquiry
  • Applying Critical Thinking to Ethical Problems
  • Encouraging the Development of Personal and Social Competencies
  • A Commitment to Common Core Values

Classroom Orgainsation and Teaching Style: The Classroom Community of Inquiry

  • Setting up a Classroom Comunity of Inquir
  • Monitoring Community of Inquiry Discussion Skills

Assessing Students' Progress: Some Suggested Approaches

  • Specific Assessment Strategies for Ethical Inquiry
  • A Model for Assessing Ethical Inquiry Within English


Classroom Strategies and Studnet Activities for Undertaking Ethical Inquiry

  • Introduction
  • Preliminary Work
  • Planning
  • Viewing Strategies
  • Making Meaning from Television

Overview of Topics and Units

Introductory Topic - Hunting the Not Fair

Topic 1 - Being Fair: Considering Others
Topic 2 - Rights and Responsibilities in Families
Topic 3 - Being a Friend
               - Unit 1: Being a Friend
               - Unit 2: Being a Friend: Handling Peer Pressure
Topic 4 - No Bullying
Topic 5 - Being Honest
          - Unit 1: What is Honesty?
              - Unit 2: Why Cheat?
Topic 6 - Caring for our Environment
              - Unit 1: Protecting Our Environment
              - Unit 2: Preserving Our Aboriginal Heritage

Appendix 1: ACTF Series Details
Appendix 2: Hunting the Not Fair

ADDITIONAL UNITS of work available on this disc and as teacher support materials from ACTF Education: 
Topic 7 - Being Different

Topic 8 - Standing Up For What You Believe


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