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Age Level: Middle Years (5-9) Senior Secondary and Tertiary

About this Resource

Two teenagers find each other from opposite sides of the globe, and change each other’s lives. By projecting their ideal selves in a virtual world, they get a little closer to reaching their ideals in the real one. A mixture of live action, animation and visual FX, is set in Melbourne (Australia), London (England) and Webweave (Cyberspace).

This resource presents opportunities to teach multiliteracies and to explore the inter-related themes of character development and identity construction; relationship development and sustainability; the construction and deconstruction of various texts; and the impact of ever-emerging ICCT(Information, Communication and Creative Technologies) on communication.

The educational CD-ROM includes all 13 scripts, lesson plans and Noah & Saskia: From Script to Screen with interactive sections on the writing, production and visual effects plus extensive video clips and interviews with cast and crew, Media Kit and Poster.

The online resources were created in partnership with the Australian Literacy Educators Association (ALEA) and the Australian Association of Teachers of English (AATE).

Noah & Saskia CD-ROM contains:

  • Noah & Saskia: From Script to Screen
  • Interactive resource exploring the production of Noah & Saskia
  • Lesson plans and worksheets
  • All 13 scripts for the television episodes
  • Noah & Saskia poster
  • Media Kit with synopses of series and episodes, cast and crew details, behind the scenes
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