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Age Level: Early Childhood (F-3) Middle Primary (4-5)

About this Resource

I Think... is an interdisciplinary teaching resource which uses television to explore philosophical themes and philosophical inquiry in the classroom.

The DVD anthology contains 24 of the “Munch Kids” animated films from the ACTF’s award-winning Lift Off television series. It features the unscripted voices of 6-8 year olds talking about philosophical concepts and ideas.

The resource also includes the I Think… Teachers’ Guide, outlining the teaching approaches involved in applying a process of philosophical inquiry and the importance of developing visual literacy; and classroom strategies with student activities for encouraging philosophical inquiry, based on the selected clips.

The inquiry is divided into 14 units; the first 10 contained within the Teachers’ Guide and the included Units 11-14 is also available.

This resource was principally designed to be used with children aged 5 to 13 but is also applicable to an older group.

The material caters for a diversity of interests and abilities appropriate for children in the primary and lower secondary school years and includes suggested activities; discussion questions; and learning, teaching and assessment strategies. It supports successful cognitive development by ensuring children are engaged in activities which assist them to:

  • develop personal and social values which become part of their lives
  • gain acceptance by, and support among, peers
  • think more reflectively and abstractly
  • become aware of, and interact with, the world around them.
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