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Age Level: Senior Secondary and Tertiary

About this Resource

House Gang is a six episode comedy series about a group of people with an intellectual disability whose lives are imposed upon by their bankrupt landlord, Mike and his vitriolic teenage daughter Chloe. The series challenges the stereotypes of what constitutes disability. Together with the educational resources, it presents an important opportunity for senior secondary and tertiary students and community groups to be introduced to and explore the meaning of disability and the responses that individuals and communities commonly have to people with disabilities.


The Study Kit includes free lesson plans and classroom worksheets to accompany the series. Students will also enjoy exploring the character descriptions in the Media Kit, which is accessible via links in the lesson plans.

·       Study Guide by the Australian Teachers of Media – including Character analyses, lesson plans and activites

·       Discussion Topics and Themes including valuing diversity, difference, stereotypes, sexuality, working with people with disabilities, ethics, values, justice.


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