Animazing Productions Pty Ltd., 2011

Living with a robot will blow your circuits!  

Three teens stumble on a massive mechanical secret – Malcom Mann, everyone’s favourite TV superstar, is actually a Male Artificial Lifeform. 

In exchange for keeping quiet, Jake, Daisy and the Kid move in to Mal’s glamorous celebrity home, and pretend to be his kids. 

But they quickly realise that living with a robot isn’t just about getting an artificial intelligence to do your homework. These kids have got a lot to teach Mal about being human and together, they’ve got a lot to learn about becoming a family.

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Episode 1 Party On

Holly goes away for the weekend, leaving the kids to follow her rules - no going out, no strangers in the house, and absolutely NO PARTIES!

Episode 2 Secrets

Holly is furious when Daisy accidentally exposes Malcom’s secret to a journalist - now she will have to kill him, and Daisy’s next!

Episode 3 Free Stuff

Jake nearly exposes Malcom’s secret on air, when trying to cash in on all the free stuff advertisers send in, just for mentioning their products on the News.

Episode 4 Rats in the Ranks

Daisy wants to prove to the kids at school that she was the one who saved the life of the science lab rat, even if it means she has to kill it.

Episode 5 Give a Goat

Daisy would do anything to win this year’s Charity Queen Award - as long as it doesn’t involve her having to be truly charitable.

Episode 6 Kinder Surprise

The Kid doesn’t go to school and has it all under control, until Jake and Daisy attempt to fix things with the teacher.

Episode 7 Holly Makes Five

Holly moves in when she loses her job, and the kids lose both their freedom and their minds. Holly has to go.

Episode 8 Holiday

Jake and Daisy will let nothing stop them from having a holiday - even if it means kidnapping, stealing and being nice.

Episode 9 Hot

As Chas and Troy fight slice-for-slice in a Chilli Pizza Competition, Daisy fights to get the attention focused back on her.

Episode 10 Family Business

Daisy discovers the money she invested with Jake never made it to the stock exchange, and engages in a little extortion of her own.

Episode 11 Recipe for Life

Jake cons Chas (big time!), into believing he can transform him into the coolest, meanest guy on the planet - only it works!

Episode 12 Predictable

Jake hears cash registers ringing, when he discovers that Malcom can use his data analysis to predict the next school test questions.

Episode 13 Chas Moves In

Chas notices something is seriously weird in the Mann House, and is determined to save Daisy and Jake from Malcom’s horrifying secret.


2012 ATOM Awards
Nominated - Best Children's Fiction Television

Running Time
13 x 12 min

Production Company
Animazing Productions Pty Ltd.


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