I Got A Rocket

A co-production of Mike Young Productions, SLR Productions, Sunwoo Entertainment, Peach Blossom Media, KIKA ARD and Europool, 2007

Vinnie Q just got the best present a boy could get - a wise-cracking, gadget-packed rocket… who just happens to be his new best friend!

Based on Matt Zurbo and Dean Gorissen's achingly hip, Crichton award-winning picture book, I Got a Rocket! is an explosive, fast-paced comedy for everyone - no matter how artificial their intelligence!

Set in a colourful, urban environment, I Got a Rocket! mixes kid-relatable stories with the exciting twist of seeing the world through the eyes of a rocket, packed with personality, enthusiasm and liquid oxygen.

From the schoolyard to the solar system, every episode sees Vinnie and the über-enthusiastic Rocket blasting off on another OTT adventure full of squid-munching pirates, ninjas and city-slicker farmers, that'll fire your funny bone into orbit.

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Episode 1 Three Strikes... You're Out!

When Vinnie gets blamed for the Duckys’ misdeeds, he finds himself only one detention away from expulsion. After frantically trying to stop the Duckys’ ongoing rule-breaking spree, Vinnie and Rocket realise they must beat the bad guys at their own game.

Episode 2 Late Fees!

Vinnie and Rocket discover three overdue library books, but instead of paying the fines, Rocket tries to dodge them - with a little help from time travel. Unfortunately, he leaves Vinnie owing billions in fines, and together they must find the money, any way they can.

Episode 3 They Say It's Your Build Day!

To mark Vinnie and Rocket’s joint birthday, Prof Q gives them a shiny, golden hood ornament. Later, the Duckys trick them out of their gift, and Vinnie and Rocket must unite their friends, in order to get their present back.

Episode 4 Really, Really, Really Blind Date!

To free Vinnie from the tyranny of the Duckys, Rocket offers Frankie Ducky the thing she wants most – a date with Vinnie! By the time Vinnie finds out, the date is halfway over. Rocket must help Vinnie to stick it out, including the goodnight kiss!

Episode 5 Vertigoing... Going... Gone!

To gain the respect of the city, Vinnie decides to become a risk-taking daredevil, just like Rocket. But when a stunt goes wrong, Vinnie loses his reputation, and worse - Rocket loses his nerve! Vinnie must help his friend overcome his fear and regain his courage.

Episode 6 Manners Maketh Rocket!

When Vinnie and Rocket learn that the most ill-mannered student at school will be sent on a luxury cruise to learn proper polite behaviour, they decide to transform Vinnie from nice, clean and gentlemanly, into the most disgusting pupil ever to walk the halls!

Episode 7 Protection Rocket!

The Duckys are taking out their bad mood on the entire town, so when Rocket helpfully gets rid of them for Vinnie, the two become town heroes. But life without their sworn enemies isn’t as fun as they thought it would be, and Vinnie and Rocket realise they must do the unimaginable; they must get the Duckys back!

Episode 8 Rocket Rules!

When Ma Ducky rewrites the school rule book, Vinnie and Rocket find that everything they do only gets them into trouble. So Prof Q installs a good behaviour chip into Rocket to keep him on the right side of the law, unwittingly turning Rocket from Vinnie’s best friend into Ma Ducky’s rule-abiding henchman!

Episode 9 Rocket the Vote!

Crisis strikes when Vinnie unwillingly runs for Class President against Biffo Ducky! Knowing his life won’t be worth living if he wins, Vinnie enlists Rocket to make sure he loses the election. But the harder he tries to lose, the closer he comes to winning, as the votes swing firmly in his favour!

Episode 10 Three Feet High and Rising!

In an attempt to take the greatest school photo ever, Vinnie and Rocket use Prof Q’s latest invention. But, Vinnie ends up with a foot growing out of his head! Embarrassed and shunned by classmates, Vinnie soon learns to accept his extra foot, and turn it into the coolest fashion accessory ever.

Episode 11 Good Deeds Done Dirt Cheap!

With the promise of a golden game card, Vinnie and Rocket try to perform a year’s worth of good deeds in a single day. But their frenzy of helping ends up making matters worse, until Vinnie learns that good deeds are done for bigger reasons than prizes.

Episode 12 I Got a Remote!

When Prof Q invents a remote control that works on real life, Vinnie and Rocket borrow it to watch every future episode of their favourite TV show in one afternoon. But when the remote breaks, they find themselves trapped in the past, with their Dad’s younger self - a TV-obsessed zombie - and must inspire a love of science in him, or be stuck in the past forever.

Episode 13 Mackerel Mates

Prof Q enrols Vinnie and Rocket in the Scouts to follow in his footsteps and become the best scout ever. But when Vinnie enlists the help of Rocket in his high-tech quest for badges, it only hinders him. Vinnie learns that sometimes he must do things on his own, without his rocket’s help.

Episode 14 Not So Spare Parts!

When Vinnie discovers Rocket’s cash value, he becomes worried his pal will be stolen - and rightly so, as the Duckys strip Rocket down for spare parts. Even though Prof Q installs Rocket’s brain in a toaster, it’s not the same, so Vinnie trades everything he owns to get his friend’s fuselage back.

Episode 15 Swollen Cranium

When Vinnie breaks V.P. Stern’s nerd, he finds himself forced to compete in an inter-school genius quiz. Worried about being seen as a brainy nerd, Vinnie enlists Rocket’s help in dumbing him down. But, when he discovers his father is the question master, Vinnie has to reverse his training and try winning the competition.

Episode 16 Tomorrow x3

After Rocket’s chips get fried with electricity, he and Vinnie begin receiving emails from the future. Knowing the news from tomorrow is helpful, as Vinnie aces his test and outwits the Duckys. But, when tomorrow’s happenings become harrowing, Vinnie finds that trying to change the future only causes more trouble.

Episode 17 Rockin' Rocket

When Vinnie’s interpretation of his favourite song is contested, he and Rocket go on a journey to discover the truth; asking the coolest person they know, Prof Q’s lyrics machine, and even Frankie, who is president of the musician’s fan club. He even sacrifices his concert ticket to find out. When everyone disagrees with him, Vinnie’s confidence fails and Rocket urges him to be confident, as they go ask the singer himself, to prove Vinnie is correct.

Episode 18 Viva Vroom

When Vinnie finds himself overwhelmed with chores, Prof Q comes up with a scientific solution; installing a cleaning chip into Rocket. Despite being told not to alter the chip, Vinnie and Rocket toy with it to increase the cleaning speed, so they can have more leisure time. But when the chip goes wild, Rocket goes on a make-over spree, much to everyone’s annoyance, until the only thing Vinnie and Rocket can do to escape is make themselves over.

Episode 19 Mistake Over!

Vinnie and Rocket’s friend, Gabby, feels like they take her for granted, so she gets a makeover and quickly becomes the school’s most popular student. Now Vinnie and Rocket find themselves missing her and try to win back her friendship, but when their plan involves kidnapping her and forcing her to be their friend, she must teach them how to be better friends.

Episode 20 No More Joe's!

When the Duckies open a diner to rival Joe’s Milk Bar, Vinnie and Rocket vow to do everything they can to put them out of business and save Maya’s job. The only trouble is, the Duckys’ food is fantastic, and they soon find themselves spending more time at the rival restaurant. When Maya discovers their betrayal, Vinnie and Rocket decide to make a signature dish to bring the customers back to Joe’s.

Episode 21 Writing on the Wall!

Vinnie longs to be recognized for his 'awesomeness' and get his picture on the school’s Wall of Fame. But his rival for the spot is Scuds Ducky, forcing Vinnie into a competition with the brash Ducky and his cheating siblings. Despite being overmatched by the Duckys, in the final contest, Vinnie and Rocket save Scuds from danger, creating a new winner of the Wall of Fame picture… Rocket!

Episode 22 Biffo Blossoms!

When Vinnie becomes Biffo’s new study partner, he’s sure life will be terrible. But away from his siblings, Biffo is friendly, intelligent and articulate. Unfortunately, when the other Duckys are around, he reverts to his old ways. Vinnie thinks about quitting as Biffo’s partner, but decides with Rocket to help Biffo overcome his affliction. They are successful, until Biffo decides that his old ways were more fun.

Episode 23 Vices and Principles!

When V.P. Stern quits, Vinnie is made Vice Principal of his school. The power soon goes to his head, and he exploits it to make his life easier. But Vinnie learns that with power comes responsibility, and he discovers that running a school is hard work. When the school starts to fall apart, Vinnie and Rocket must convince V.P. Stern to return and take charge again.

Episode 24 Space Camp!

Vinnie refuses to prepare for the future, because it’s so dull and far off. But when a Space Ranger captain comes to the school, Vinnie and Rocket decide it would be the perfect profession for them, and they enrol, only to discover that the job's hardly glamorous, and requires a ton of boring training and labour. They quit, but are soon called to duty to save the captain - and find their training saves the day.

Episode 25 The Tell-Tale Squid

Vinnie and Rocket find an mp3 player, and try to do the right thing by handing it in to lost property. But when the lost property office is closed, Vinnie and Rocket must keep the mp3 player overnight, quickly developing an attachment to it. They want to do the right thing, but are coerced by the Duckys into keeping it. However, their guilty consciences are drowned out by the imagined sounds of the mp3 player, until it drives them mad enough to give the player back.

Episode 26 Mayakovsky!

Vinnie has a crush on Maya, but he’s far too nervous to do anything about it, so Rocket decides to let her know for him. Only, he forgets, and when Maya turns up to babysit Vinnie, he gets the wrong idea and thinks it’s a date. The 'date' continues, until Vinnie finds out the truth and is quite embarrassed. This is until Maya admits that she had a great time and would love to do it again.

Episode 27 Genius Company Picnic!

Prof Q takes Vinnie and Rocket to his company picnic for genius scientists. However, Prof Q’s long-time adversary puts a dampener on the day, when he beats the father and son team in several challenges. Feeling that he’s let his father down by not being a scientist, Vinnie discovers a way to win - on his own terms. And when his rivals turn out to be cheats, Vinnie’s team is victorious.

Episode 28 Father to the Prof!

When Prof Q accidentally turns into a baby, Vinnie finds himself forced to babysit his own father! But the baby is a handful, and despite everyone’s advice, the responsibility seems to be too much for Vinnie and Rocket. However, they rise to the challenge and succeed, only to discover that all their friends have now been turned into infants, and they must babysit them all.

Episode 29 Advinnies in Rocketsitting!

Vinnie and Rocket are excited to get the latest gaming console. Meanwhile, Crystal is thrilled to be spending a girls’ night out. But when Prof Q accidentally radiates himself, everyone’s plans are seemingly ruined, now that Crystal has to babysit Vinnie and Rocket. When she decides to continue her plans, taking Vinnie and Rocket along, they end up ruining her evening. That's until they save her car from certain destruction. Now, realising the value of family, she tries to get Vinnie’s game console, but they may be too late.

Episode 30 Date My Sister!

When Vinnie and Rocket accidentally get rid of Crystal’s date for the school dance, they must find a suitably cool replacement. Unfortunately, none of their candidates are cool enough for Crystal, so Rocket must disguise himself as the coolest kid in school and quickly earn a dance date with Crystal; while, Vinnie finds himself escorting Frankie. When Rocket is unmasked and Crystal discovers the deceit, she is touched by Vinnie’s sacrifice.

Episode 31 The 39 ¼ Steps!

Vinnie is partnered with Frankie, and thinks things couldn’t be worse, until he finds himself handcuffed to her. Now hanging out with the Duckys 24 hours a day, sharing their privileged life of wedgie terror, Vinnie finds himself turning to the Duckie dark side, and becomes even worse than they are. Rocket then sets out to release Vinnie and turn him back into the nice guy he was.

Episode 32 The Brunchfast Club!

Vinnie, Rocket and Gabby are disappointed, when they’re put into Saturday detention, causing them to miss a monster truck rally. Their disappointment soon turns to fear, as they realise the Duckys are in detention with them. However, the two groups put aside their bad feelings for the day, as they unite in sneaking out of the school to attend the monster truck rally.

Episode 33 Publish and be Wedgied!

When a weblog is published on the Internet, detailing all of Vinnie’s rule infractions, secret schemes and hidden crushes, he and Rocket must track down the confessor. They are suspicious of everyone they know, but they all prove innocent, so they decide to lay a trap for the blogger… only to discover that the guilty party is actually Vinnie.

Episode 34 Hair Apparent!

When Prof Q invents a miracle hair grower, Vinnie thinks it’s the perfect opportunity for him to grow some highly-coveted chest hair. Unfortunately, Rocket gives him too much, and Vinnie starts developing into an out-of-control monkey. This interferes hugely with his plans to become a school prefect, as he terrorizes the school inspector. Although his monkey powers help him entertain the school inspector, he unfortunately loses them at the wrong time, and loses the prefect position soon after.

Episode 35 Rebirth of Cool!

When V.P. Stern loses the Coolest Teacher award, he goes to pieces and starts missing work. Vinnie thinks school will be much cooler without teachers, but he and Rocket soon discover that teachers were the only thing standing between them and complete wedgie chaos. So Vinnie and Rocket try to restore V.P. Stern’s confidence, by making him the coolest teacher in history.

Episode 36 Hypocritical Mass!

When Rocket removes his moderation chip, he starts going on a gluttonous rampage, consuming mountains of food. His fervour grows, and soon he’s eating anything he can get his pincers on. However, all that eating soon has an effect on his sleek fuselage, until Rocket is utterly unable to fly. Vinnie decides that the only way to get his rocket back in working order is to teach him moderation.

Episode 37 Parent Substitute!

Vinnie is failing science class, and he hides it from his dad by allowing Rocket to change his grade card. But when Prof Q is hired as the substitute science teacher, his ruse becomes harder to maintain. Although he takes credit for his lab partner’s work, when Prof Q gives him a grade he hasn’t earned and doesn’t deserve, Vinnie confesses and now must retake the test, potentially improving his grade to a pass.

Episode 38 Body Double Booked!

Vinnie clones himself so he and Rocket may live a life of ease, sending the clone off to do all his work. The clone is so helpful that Vinnie starts to get the credit for his actions, allowing him to attend a cool party, while the clone hangs out with Rainbow. But when the clone becomes more popular than Vinnie – it has all of his good characteristics and none of the bad - Vinnie has to find a way to un-clone himself, and regain his previous status.

Episode 39 2 of the Girls!

Crystal wants to show Vinnie and Rocket that she's a cool sister, but every attempt fail,s because someone has been spreading malicious gossip about her. When she loses her reputation, her job and her cheerleading position, Vinnie and Rocket go undercover as two girls, to discover the gossiper’s identity. Although Frankie is their prime suspect, it turns out that the real culprit is Crystal’s pet monkey.

Episode 40 Share and Share Unalike!

When Vinnie and Rocket trash Crystal’s car, Prof Q insists that she and Vinnie share Rocket. He doesn’t want to share his rocket with anyone, especially when Rocket’s personality starts changing as he hangs out with Crystal and her friends. Vinnie tries desperately to switch Rocket back, in vain. However, in the end, Vinnie learns that the changes in Rocket’s personality are improvements… up to a point.

Episode 41 Author! Author!

For a class assignment, Vinnie writes about his life with Rocket. When his story is published, Vinnie becomes a celebrity. However, he has invented a few episodes in the story, which people start believing is true. Soon, Vinnie is being harassed for his flights of artistic fancy, the worst of which is on the book’s final page. Vinnie and Rocket must swap that page out before anyone reads it.

Episode 42 Shrodinger's Rocket!

Prof Q has inventor’s block, which means he can no longer come up with cool attachments to help Vinnie get out of trouble. Fortunately, he has invented one last, mysterious attachment that must only be used as a last resort - as it can only be used once. Unwilling to use up Rocket’s final attachment, Vinnie must use his own ingenuity instead, to help himself and his friends. He soon learns that he can deal with far more problems on his own than he thought possible, and decides to use the device to help his dad - only to discover that the invention is a dud.

Episode 43 Retro Rocket!

When a newer, faster, slicker rocket comes to town, Rocket finds himself outdated, outmoded and old! Ma Ducky makes matters worse, when she discovers a rule that only one Rocket can live in the town. Vinnie tries to sway public opinion by creating opportunities for Rocket to shine, but they continually fail. It’s only when the new rocket puts the entire world in danger, that Rocket can be a real hero.

Episode 44 0.9 of the Law

When a rival scientist claims he invented Rocket instead of Prof Q, Vinnie is in jeopardy of losing his best friend. They take the case to Genius Inventor’s Court, where Vinnie has to prove that his friendship with Rocket is worth more than any patent. Although at first he fails, fortunately the truth is uncovered, just in time.

Episode 45 3 Stage Rocket

Vinnie gets the lead in the school play. But when Rocket accidentally sends the director plunging through a trapdoor, he has to take his place, and direct the play. Unfortunately, Rocket’s idea of drama is to fill the play with explosions and space ships, and to help Vinnie shine. However, when they realize the audience is bored, Vinnie turns to his ensemble to save the day.

Episode 46 Fly A Mile in My Boosters!

Vinnie and Rocket each think that the other has a much cooler life, and so when the opportunity to switch bodies arises, they leap at it. Vinnie is excited with being able to fly, and Rocket is thrilled to have legs to dance with. However, they soon discover that they miss their old selves, and so must reverse the process as soon as possible.

Episode 47 I’ve Got A Vinnie Q!

When Vinnie is named the school’s coolest student, everyone wants to be him. Unfortunately, Rocket gives them that chance by renting out Vinnie’s life. Vinnie is forced to play the part of his uncool friends, even Scuds Ducky. But in doing so, he discovers that each of them is cool in their own way. In the end, he must sacrifice his cool title in order to regain being himself.

Episode 48 Spaceship Earth!

When Vinnie discovers his city is polluted, he decides to find the source, only to discover that it’s his own rocket. So, with Prof Q’s help, he and Rocket try to find an alternative, environmentally-friendly power source. Unfortunately, nothing works, and Rocket volunteers to stop flying to save the planet. However, Prof Q discovers a safe power source that does work… manure.

Episode 49 Truces and Consequences!

When Nice Nurse Goodboots comes to work at the school, the students are thrilled; she’s so much nicer than Ma Ducky. Soon everyone is hanging out with her and eating her squid bars. But Vinnie and Rocket discover that after spending time with the Nurse, people start acting strangely, and become as boringly normal as possible. Now they must team up with their worst enemy, Ma Ducky, in order to break the spell.

Episode 50 Rocket Roomates!

Vinnie accidentally destroys the Duckys’ home, and now must find them a new place - even if it means inviting them into his own house. But the Duckys soon exploit their position and Vinnie must deal with the responsibility of their actions. When Prof Q and Ma Ducky imply that the living situation could become permanent, Vinnie and Rocket team up with the Duckys to rebuild their ruined home.

Episode 51 Life: A User's Guide!

Vinnie finds taking care of Rocket easy, because the manual tells him exactly what to do. However, managing his own life proves a lot trickier, so he consults his dad for help. Prof Q gives Vinnie a guide to life, but it’s just filled with boring chores. Rocket decides to help Vinnie get through a lifetime of chores and responsibilities at once, but they soon discover there are no shortcuts to life, and no-one can live their life according to strict rules.

Episode 52 To Wedgie or Not to Wedgie!

Vinnie’s life is made terrible by the Duckys’ constant wedgies. When the opportunity to wedgie one of the Duckys comes up, Vinnie grasps it by the underpants. However, giving a wedgie to each of the Duckys has its own undesirable consequence. Vinnie realises he cannot win by stooping to the Duckies’ level, and so accepts being wedgied and taking the moral high ground.


2007 – International Emmy Awards
I Got A Rocket! won a prestigious Emmy Award in the category “New Approaches – Daytime Children’s” at the 35th Annual Creative Arts & Entertainment Daytime Emmy® Awards in New York City on Friday the 13th June, 2008.

Running Time
52 x 12 mins

Production Company
A co-production of Mike Young Productions, SLR Productions, Sunwoo Entertainment, Peach Blossom Media, KIKA ARD and Europool


Animation Comedy

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