Laser Beak Man , 2010

Laser Beak Man is a series of quirky, off the wall illustrations, starring Laser Beak Man himself - a duck-billed, masked, caped crusader - who, although he has a desire to do good, really prefers to just enjoy himself.

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Episode 1 The Soap Opera

As the stage fills with operatic romance, conflict and tragedy, Laser Beak Man has a not-so-quiet bubble bath.

Episode 2 Play it Again, Sam

Laser Beak Man requests his favourite sing-along tune from his favourite piano-man, Sam.

Episode 3 The Frequent Flyers Club

Laser Beak Man discovers there’s more than one way to fly a plane.

Episode 4 Red Hot Mamma

Laser Beak Man needs to find a way to cool down one Red Hot Mamma!

Episode 5 A Wild Night Out

When Laser Beak Man hits the town, he not only invite his mates, he goes hard!

Episode 6 The Barbie Queue

Laser Beak Man holds one of his famous barbeques for his numerous girlfriends, but there’s a small sausage problem.

Episode 7 The Chick Magnet

Although the chicks enjoy Laser Beak Man’s magnetic appeal, the parents aren’t too happy.

Episode 8 The Black Sheep of the Family

Laser Beak Man is taking a family photo, but there’s a slight issue with the sheep.

Running Time
8 x 45 secs

Production Company


Animation Comedy Short Form Programming

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