Dukes Of Broxstonia - Series 1

Sticky Pictures, 2010

The Dukes are the hottest band to come out of Broxstonia in years. In fact, they’re the only band to come out of Broxstonia - ever!

The band is composed of teenagers, Arj, Barj, and Larj. And now, thanks to the generosity of the Broxstonian government, they’re on tour, spreading their uniquely punk thrash sounds to the world.


Episode 1 Ear Ache

The Dukes are tuning up in their studio, when Barj scratches his ear with his drumstick. A deluge of wax pours out. The wax forms into a clone of Barj. Barj is in love. Arj and Larj look on in amazement, as Barj dances with his waxy clone. Larj decides to do something about it, and melts the wax clone with a hairdryer. 

Episode 2 Itchier and Scratchier

The Dukes are playing at a concert. Larj has an itchy head. He removes his cap to reveal lice dancing on his scalp to their music. The lice bite Larj. Arj sprays Larj with a can - we see its 'extra, extra volume' hairspray. Larj's lice grows to form a massive monster, who attacks the Dukes. They defend themselves - but then realise the lice only wants to play. Barj hands the monster a tambourine, and, still freaked out, the Dukes play on with the lice. 

Episode 3 Ian Belt

The Dukes are backstage in their trailer after their concert. They can hear a baying crowd. When Arj looks outside, he sees weird, ugly, alien girl fans. They scream for Arj, and he retreats into the trailer. When Barj opens the door, the girls bellow for him, too. Larj gives it a go, and finds the girls uninterested. So Arj and Barj open up Larj, and step inside him. They make their escape inside Larj. 

Episode 4 Pants Orf

The Dukes leap out from their tour bus, expecting some serious fanage - but, instead find all the girls distracted by a superhero in costume. The Dukes make fun of the superhero - who then dispatches the Dukes to show them who's boss. All the Dukes end up wedgied, with their pants pulled up high over their heads. They waddle off, grumbling. 

Episode 5 Pizza Fight

The Dukes are having a pizza backstage, when Arj and Larj fight over the last slice. Arj and Barj's tug of war over the pizza continues, through to their concert. They try everything to win, but when they knock over the staging and end up underneath a huge backdrop, it's Larj who ends up getting the last bite.

Episode 6 Pot Luck

The Dukes are driving in their van, when they spot a 'Welcome Dukes' sign. Little do they know, it's a reception for some royal Dukes - not them! The Dukes crash the party, driving their van into the dining area. But when Larj takes it too far, and throws a cake at the party host, the fed-up royals chase them outside.

Episode 7 Desert Duel

The Dukes are driving across the desert, when they run into their boy band rivals, the Lukes of Flokstonia. The Dukes and Lukes transform their vans into dragsters, and race across the desert. The Dukes crash into stadium fencing and end up on stage, taking over the Lukes' gig and winning the race. 

Episode 8 Moon Tour

The Dukes are abducted by aliens and taken by their egg-shaped spaceship to their odd planet. The Dukes leap into action and play for their freaky hosts, but neither Barj's drumming nor Arj's singing goes down well. When Larj's guitar solo has the aliens cheering, he decides to stage dive, squashing the eggy-aliens in the process.

Episode 9 Wash Day

The Dukes stink - literally. It's time to visit the Laundromat. In goes Barj's underpants, Arj's Mohawk hair and Larj. But when Larj exits, he's been transformed into a violin-playing, suit-wearing, classical musician! The girls love him, but the Dukes don't. Arj notices the machine is set to 'delicate', so they put Larj back in and change the cycle to 'Heavy'. Larj returns to his normal, stinking self!

Episode 10 On TV

Barj's yelling wakes Arj and Larj up. He holds a TV up in the air. The Dukes are on TV! On the television, we see the Dukes latest film clip and endure their crazy, new song. At the end of the clip, the Broxstonian national anthem plays as the Broxstonian flag (a bear wearing armour) is hoisted. Arj and Larj salute, as Barj's pajama pants fall down.

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