More Winners

Australian Childre's Television Foundation, 1991

More Winners includes six action-packed telemovies, featuring fantasy, fun, mystery, historical drama and suspense.

The one-hour dramas deal with challenging, contemporary stories for children.

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Episode 1 Mr Edmund

Cherry and her brother, Sam, live in a boarding house run by their mother.  Mum is so busy that she forgets how to dream. But, things change when Mr Edmund comes to stay. He believes that dreams can come true and he’s going to show them how to make sure they do.

Episode 2 Second Childhood

Mark and his friends discover they’ve lived before. Not only that, they were famous and important people. Then they discover they are responsible for several of the world’s big problems. So Henry Ford, Queen Victoria, and Albert Einstein set out to make up for what they’ve done.

Episode 3 The Big Wish

Prince Wilton from the Enchanted Realm of the Faeries must grant seven wishes in the human world before sundown, or the Faeries will lose their powers. The only human who will believe him and make any wishes is Christopher Walter Pratt. But C.W. doesn’t realise that the final wish lasts forever.

Episode 4 The Journey

Twelve-year-old, Ada, is orphaned when her father is killed in a fall. Before he dies, he tells Ada to journey south to find her true inheritance. Together with Agnes, the housekeeper’s stepdaughter, Ada sets out on a journey full of adventure.

Episode 5 Boy Soldiers

In 1910, the Australian Government passed a law requiring all boys between 14 and 17 to register for compulsory military training. Fourteen-year-old, Will Barnes, is a conscientious objector, sentenced to three months training at Fort Queenscliff. There he meets opposition, but also wins admirers by sticking to his beliefs. 

Episode 6 His Master's Ghost

Flea is spending his vacation at a music camp in a spooky old mansion. But he is more interested in scaring people with practical jokes, than in music. When tales of a ghost start to surface, Flea is determined to track it down, and finds himself in a horror story better than anything he could invent.


Australian Writer’s Guild Awards (AWGIE)

Chicago International Festival of Children’s Films

Australian Teachers of Media Awards (ATOM)

Australian Film Institute Awards

International Emmy Awards (USA)

CableAce Awards

Banff Television Festival (Canada)

Running Time
6 x 48 mins (titles also available individually)

Production Company
Australian Childre's Television Foundation

English, French, Spanish (Neutral)

Drama Telemovies and Features

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