Kangaroo Beach - Series 2

Cheeky Little Media Pty Ltd, 2023

Welcome back to Kangaroo Beach, a spectacular sunny paradise and summer home to four super-keen young lifeguard cadets.

Joey Pounce is a wannabe-hero lifeguard, platypus Gemma is a mini-marine biologist, wombat Neville is an expert sandcastle digger and worrier, and koala Frizzy is an all-singing, all-dancing, all-fabulous performer extraordinaire.

Every dazzling day is an action-packed adventure for the four furry friends, whether training to be lifeguards, mastering new water sports, discovering the marvels of the ocean, or keeping others safe. With waves to surf, a coral reef to enjoy, fascinating sea creatures to meet and a tropical island to explore, they’re never far from fun – or danger!

But under the guidance of returning grown-up lifeguards Bondi, Sandy and Big Trev, they’re gaining imperative water safety skills that will help keep themselves and other beachgoers safe for another exciting summer. Through fun-filled games, sporting contests and on-the-job training, there’s so much to learn about surf awareness, rescue equipment and protecting the beach, with a special medallion to earn for every new skill they master.

When an emergency breaks out, the cadets step up to help their heroes, putting their new skills and unique talents into practice, quickly becoming an essential part of every mission when the siren sounds on Kangaroo Beach.

In this series

Kangaroo Beach - Series 1 (2021)

Four young animal friends share an action-packed summer training as cadets with their lifeguard heroes, keeping the water safe at the spectacular Kangaroo Beach.

Kangaroo Beach Summer Special (Season overview)

When a surfing adventure ends with the cadets stranded on a deserted beach with two frightened youngsters, Neville lifts spirits with a story of a time he was scared… on his very first day on Kangaroo Beach.

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Episode 1 Wallaby Waters

A celebrity quokka visits Kangaroo Beach to film an episode of the smash hit TV series Wallaby Waters.

Episode 2 Shipwrecked

Frizzy and Gemma investigate the mysterious disappearance of several boats in Kangaroo Beach’s ‘Barramundi Triangle’.

Episode 3 Captain Frizzy

Frizzy sets sail around Boomerang Island in an effort to break Big Trev's record. 

Episode 4 Splashdance

Gemma is inspired by Wanda and Big Trev’s synchronised swimming routines and pushes herself to learn it. 

Episode 5 Hoppy Christmas

The cadets try to cheer up a homesick Ghërkinn on Christmas Eve. 

Episode 6 Neville and the Mermaid

When Neville thinks he sees a mermaid in the lagoon, he sets out to find her. 

Episode 7 The Fun Float

Things get out of hand when Neville's plan for a peaceful day of floating on the river turns into a wild race. 

Episode 8 Jumping Joey

When Pounce competes against Reef & Roadie in a jumping contest, his friends worry he's putting himself in danger. 

Episode 9 Jurassic Beach

Gemma tries to impress her zoologist hero when dinosaur bones are discovered on Kangaroo Beach. But what sort of dinosaur do they belong to? 

Episode 10 Junior Junior Cadets

The cadets attempt to train four young kids as 'Junior Junior Cadets' - but their first lesson is a disaster! 

Episode 11 Gemma’s Whale Rescue

Gemma's obsession with a pair of passing whales distracts her from her duties. Meanwhile, one of the whales does some 'wombat watching' and becomes beached. 

Episode 12 Phillipa’s Pool Party

The cadets are planning an epic surprise pool party for Phillipa's birthday but when things get out of hand, they forget the golden pool rule: keep the gate shut. 

Episode 13 The Grand Crabby Hotel

The cadets build the Grand Crabby Hotel to protect rock pool sea creatures from the seagulls, but soon learn that despite being tough they shouldn’t be moved. 

Episode 14 Bondi vs Sandy

The cadets train Bondi and Sandy for their annual Iron Roo carnival - but how far are they willing to go to win? 

Episode 15 Really Real Rescues

Really Real Rescues visits Kangaroo Beach to film a TV special about the cadets, but trying to look cool on camera lands them in hot water. 

Episode 16 Night Dive

Worried about scuba diving for the first time, Neville runs off in the middle of the night. 

Episode 17 Doctor Wombat

When multiple emergencies break out on a windy day at Kangaroo Beach, Neville offer help as an assistant medic. Meanwhile, Pounce learns how to kite surf. 

Episode 18 The Cave

Pounce leads an adventure into a cave, but the cadets become trapped by the rising tide. Meanwhile, Frizzy goes in search of a volcano. 

Episode 19 King Kanga

Kangaroo Beach legend, King Kanga, is back and ready to rule the beach. But the cadets soon learn that he has a very different lifeguarding approach.

Episode 20 Master of the Waves

The cadets host a 'do something new for you day' on Kangaroo Beach in an effort to help support Pounce while he learns a tricky new skill. 

Episode 21 Super Roo

Pounce role-plays as legendary lifeguard Super Roo. Meanwhile, Frizzy helps Wanda make a Big Thing. 

Episode 22 Canoe Adventure

The cadets hit the river with their canoes for a picnic day. But while Frizzy and Gemma cannot paddle in sync, Neville and Pounce find themselves in hot water. 

Episode 23 Girl Who Cried Jellyfish

Frizzy gets herself in trouble when she cries 'shark'. Then when she spots real danger headed for Kangaroo Beach, no one believes her. 

Episode 24 Surf Club Sleepover

Gemma hosts a 'No Sleep Sleepover' full of fun and games, but can the tired cadets make it until midnight? 

Episode 25 Family Day

It's Family Day and the cadets are excited to welcome their parents for a day of fun-filled activities. 

Running Time
24 x 11 minutes + 1 x 22 minutes

Production Company
Cheeky Little Media Pty Ltd


Year level

Early Childhood (F-3),

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